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  • FDM works with a selection of partners to deliver integrated solutions of the highest calibre to all of our clients.

    581px-Logo_Avaloq.svgFDM Group started collaboration with the Avaloq group to provide IT skilled resources to support them in their growth across Europe and Asia.

    FDM Consultants are trained in dedicated Academies in Canada, USA, UK, or Germany and training covers the full software development lifecycle. The training is either business or technically focused depending on the skill sets of the trainees and once complete, trainees receive additional ACP training (Fundamentals of Avaloq customisation) to become Avaloq Certified Professionals. In this demanding program Consultants acquire an in-depth knowledge of the Avaloq Banking Suite, its functionalities, customisation options and its applications and prepares FDM Consultants to quickly apply their knowledge in a commercial environment.

    “With FDM we found a partner who helps us to drive our growth strategy. We are confident that the unique model of FDM supports Avaloq in delivering excellent performance to our clients business needs.”  – Francisco Fernandez, CEO Avaloq


    For more information about Avaloq, please visit their website at www.avaloq.co.uk


    ETL Factory

    logo with text_newFDM has partnered with ETL Factory to deliver software-based Data Integration services to its clients. The ETL Factory and FDM partnership aims to provide FDM clients with a unique combination of services and software to complete Data Integration projects up to five times faster than standard delivery methods.

    As a specialist software company, ETL Factory focuses on improving the productivity of Data Integration through automation. Their award-winning software, Factory Architect, and Factory Delivery model gives clients a flexible and innovative automation platform to deliver PowerCenter Data Integration projects. The software and delivery model enables users to automate the development of the Informatica PowerCenter code for all kinds of Data Integration activities from data migrations to new BI applications. FDM is able to provide Consultants adept in the software and delivery model in addition to data and operational analysis and business analysis to successfully implement Data Integration projects on-site with FDM clients. This winning combination provides clients with a low risk and high value service to complete Data Integration projects in a shorter timeframe and at a lower cost.

    “FDM Consultants are able to confidently and competently implement data migration projects using Factory Architect, enabling the completion of the most complex of projects in a shorter timeframe and at a lower cost. FDM Consultants are trained to make a difference from day one, bringing new energy and fresh ideas to client sites. Given FDM’s reputation for its unique careers programme and exceptional training, we are excited to be partnering with them.” – ETL Factory


    For more information, about ETL Factory, please visit their website at www.etlfactory.com


    murex-logoFDM has partnered with Murex to introduce the tailored SDA MX.3 training stream into our award-winning technical Academy. The Murex and FDM partnership aims to assist capital markets by providing clients with specialist MX.3 production support across all asset classes for investment banks, wealth management companies and insurance, utility and energy providers.

    As a result of this partnership, our clients are now able to benefit from a continuous pipeline of FDM Consultants who can competently support their MX.3 production environments. As such, FDM Consultants provide a cost effective solution to our clients as well as offering a flexible and comprehensive resource management strategy.

    “FDM MX.3 Consultants are confident in promoting successful trade management processes. The training they receive is of a very high standard and FDM exemplifies the commitment and consistent hard work required to excel in providing client services. Partnering with FDM has been an excellent move for Murex. Their reputation in the market and their track record of success speaks for itself, so we’re delighted to be working together to support MX.3 product environments.” – Murex

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    For more information about Murex, please visit their website at www.murex.com

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