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  • Read on to find out how our partnership with everywoman is continually encouraging females to pursue a career in IT.

    Case study

    The Challenge

    The IT industry has a huge lack of women on its workforce. More than 77% of the STEM labor force in Canada is male, causing the industry to lose out on a huge pool of female talent. Women in Technology research has shown that men believe they would have a more creative, innovative and fun environment, as well as better departmental communication, if there were more women in their teams.

    The Solution

    The FDM and everywoman partnership actively encourages more females to pursue a career in IT. FDM is the headline sponsor of the everywoman in Technology Awards, allowing both organizations to promote, celebrate and commend the achievements of women in tech.

    The Outcome

    FDM and everywoman are leading the way in a bid to advance and support women in IT. We work on a series of programs to inspire and encourage women in technology, from showcasing their successes and creating role models for the future, to supporting their personal development. The statistics speak for themselves and FDM has already started to attract more women into the business each month.

    Having worked with FDM for over a year now, I have seen the company’s commitment to gender diversity continue to grow through tangible and practical initiatives. Having attended FDM’s events, and followed its progress in the news, I have experienced first-hand how FDM is committed to promoting women’s leadership and gender diversity.

    K.B, Computer Weekly