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  • murex-logoFDM MX.3 Production Support Consultants work across all levels of support from high-profile front line roles through to technical support roles. Specializing in MX.3, gives you the focus to support the availability of this world-class trade and risk management platform.

    The MX.3 Production Support training will equip you with the knowledge of the MX.3 platform, enabling you to kick-start your FDM career.

    FDM MX.3 Production Support Analyst
    • Full-time training in Murex’s software platform
    • Be introduced to concepts and techniques for managing application and production support operations
    • Effectively determine impact and urgency for prioritizing incidents across major applications
    • Learn financial instruments to effectively support the functional aspects of the MX.3 platform
    • Gain valuable experience working on a consultancy basis with our clients
    • Technical training in UNIX and SQL
    • Understand to fundamentals of support services
    Murex MX.3 Production Support Analyst training
    FDM has partnered with leading software vendor Murex to deliver MX.3 support Production Support training. This course combines FDM’s technical Production Support course with the training in Murex’s comprehensive software platform. You will learn the best practice to the functional and technical aspects in supporting an MX.3 production environment within investment banks, wealth management companies and insurance, utility and energy providers.

    Our MX.3 Production Support training covers:

    • UNIX
    • SQL
    • ITIL
    • IOC
    • MX.3
    The MX.3 Production Support Analyst career
    You will focus on dealing with technical and functional issues by analyzingdiagnosing and providing solutions to the issues raised by the end users. As an MX.3 Production Support Analyst, you will be dealing with both the business and IT departments in providing the IT services required in order for the overall organization to succeed. You will be seen as the individual that can deliver solutions to critical IT issues that are affecting the business.

    An MX.3 Production Support Consultant is:

    • A strong communicator in a client-facing role
    • Self-motivated with excellent time management skills
    • Able to perform in fast-paced and high-pressured environments
    • Pro-active in taking the initiative in problem ownership
    • Willing to go above and beyond to provide the required solution
    • Technically capable

    I will forever appreciate everything FDM has done for me, not only in imparting the knowledge and skills I now find invaluable, but for helping me build the bridge between where I used to be and where I am today.

    J.M, FDM MX.3 Production Support Consultant, Murex, Canada

    View or download our Academy Program brochure