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  • The Software Developer career path
    Development covers a range of responsibilities so a variety of roles are available to you after training. You may find yourself:

    • Working on projects as part of a development team
    • Attending design meetings
    • Liaising with clients
    • Writing, developing, testing and reviewing code
    • Supporting existing applications
    • Liaising with end users to fix defects, find solutions and test them
    • Investigating the feasibility of change requests and implementing
    • Adding functionality to applications by designing and implementing solutions

    What is an FDM Developer?

    • Passionate about technology
    • Analytical and a problem solver
    • A keen follower of new technology developments in the industry
    Java Development
    The intensive Java Development training program will help you to:

    • Gain a sound understanding of the Java language
    • Engage in a series of projects to introduce and reinforce integral design principles
    • Learn about client and server-side web development
    • Gain valuable experience working on a consultancy basis with our clients

    Following training you will be able to write code that is modular, robust, scalable and maintainable to a professional standard i.e. code that can be easily modified to meet changing client requirements.

    I’ve gotten a tremendous amount of knowledge from my time here – both as a trainee and as an employee. I have to say that it has changed the way I approach my tasks as a developer and given me a perspective on problem solving that I might never have seen or used. Of course the time spent on the job has honed my skills and exposed me to specific tools and platforms that drive enterprise level projects. Although I am moving on to a much different environment, I know that all I’ve learned from FDM will be coming into play all the time.

    S.P, FDM Software Developer, Credit Agricole

    View or download our Academy Program brochure