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  • I am Ellie, I am a Technical Intern, I am FDM

    Written by Ellie Saker, Business Intelligence Intern | 11 August, 2017I am Ellie, I am a Technical Intern, I am FDM

    Once again FDM welcomed thirteen summer interns to roles and locations across the UK for an eight week programme.  Recently, we had the chance to sit down with Ellen Saker and hear about her experience as a Business Intelligence (BI) intern.

    I have really enjoyed my internship at FDM and would definitely recommend it to anybody looking for an introduction to IT whilst at university. I knew very little about business IT when I arrived but over the course of the eight weeks I have received excellent training in a range of areas from SQL to Excel/VBA, DAX and Microsoft Power BI.

    The people here are also lovely!

    Alongside another technical intern, I was tasked with building an executive report; this was an interactive dashboard to display data relating to business performance. I built this in a new software called Microsoft Power BI.  As I had no experience in this area the project involved learning a lot about business intelligence and data warehousing then writing SQL code in DAX (Data Analysis Expressions).  Once I had compiled this data model my colleague was able to build the visual end of the report. At the start of my internship I didn’t know how to do any of this, so I thoroughly enjoyed experimenting with the project and working out how to achieve our goals.  It was a fantastic opportunity to present a full, interactive report at the end of this project.  Not only have I gained new skills in BI but also feel more confident presenting.

    As well as this individual project, all of the UK summer interns were given a group project to manage together. Working in a large, diverse team and taking responsibility for an entire project from start to finish, whilst challenging, was both fun and very useful to learn. It was nice to be able to decide upon and develop our own ideas and it was really rewarding to see our completed project in action in the final week!

    I have had a brilliant time at FDM, enjoying both the projects and the workplace environment. I am looking forward to taking all of the new skills that I have learned back to university and into my future career.