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  • The First Three Months of My Industrial Placement

    Written by Dan Whittick, Data Analyst Administrator | 6 December, 2016The First Three Months of My Industrial Placement

    Dan Whittick is currently a Data Analyst placement student in FDM’s London office.  He has taken a placement year positiondan-whittickwith FDM as part of his degree in Mathematics and Statistics at the University of Kent, Canterbury.

    The Data Analyst placement role within the partnerships team here at FDM has been a brilliant introduction to the professional world. Working in a full-on, thriving environment within the leading IT graduate employer has been a real reality check as to what to working life entails.

    The projects and tasks I have been involved with vary day-to-day, with the main base of my work centred on providing data and information for the internal teams. Whether it is recruitment, business innovation, sales or work relating to helping out the marketing team, I’m constantly working with all departments at FDM.

    As FDM is rapidly expanding, I have had opportunities to work on international projects, recently liaising with the New York office. I’ve been compiling a file about American and Canadian universities, allowing my colleagues across the pond to view each university in numerical form. The number of applications, hires and candidates currently at each stage within the recruitment process are now accessible at a glance. This data is then used by FDM’s recruitment team to make informed business decisions with ease.

    Every Monday I send out a report that outlines intricate details on assessment centres and start dates. This entails the use of Excel and Salesforce, which has given me a set of useful and transferable skills that will put me in good stead once I have graduated. This report is then sent up as far as the Board of Directors so they can assess the performance of the recruitment and partnerships teams. The integrity and accuracy of my work is essential and this has made my attention to detail extremely high.

    These are just a few examples of the work I carry out as the Data Analyst Placement Student at FDM – if I went into detail about them all I would be here forever! Aside from the working side of things, the biggest, most positive influence on the quality of my time spent here has been the people. My colleagues were very easy to get along with right from the start of my placement and they are more than happy to help with any questions or queries I have.