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  • Our increasing dependence on cyberspace has introduced new risks upon the data and systems that we rely upon and companies are now placing more importance on putting the necessary safeguards in place to ensure full protection from hackers. Since cyber-attacks can take many forms, there are a number of roles available within this field.

    As a Cyber Security Analyst at FDM you may find yourself working to monitor and detect security events on a computer network and then deliver the appropriate response by determining the path an investigation should take.  You may also retrieve, analyse and interpret information from computers and other types of data storage devices, in order to investigate a crime. As a Cyber Security Analyst, you may also subject systems to real life security tests and write reports on your findings.

    This role is perfect for an individual that is keen to be challenged, passionate about technology and has strong interpersonal skills.

    Cyber Security Analyst Training

    Before starting a role as a Cyber Security Analyst, you will undergo the relevant training in our in-house Academy which includes the following modules:

    • SQL
    • Excel VBA
    • UNIX
    • ITIL Foundation
    • Networking
    • IT Security
    • Cyber Resilience
    You are
    • Bright, motivated and have a passion for technology
    • A problem solver with a keen eye for detail
    • Patient and calm when working under pressure
    • Creative, logical and forward thinking
    • Able to articulate complex concepts clearly to a wide range of stakeholders, including senior management

    Cyber Security Analyst - Luke Nicholson, Drax Power Limited

    ”The first few weeks at Drax were very interesting and I felt like I was a part of the team straight away. I received more training from the Head of Cyber Security together with other Drax employees, where I learned all about the different applications we used. My day to day activities in Drax consist of filtering through alters from the main application, Darktrace. This is an application that uses Bayesian mathematics to detect anomalies on the network. It’s my job to detect anything unwanted on the network, which results in having different tasks on a daily basis. My time at FDM so far has been very enjoyable; they have provided me with an excellent opportunity to work with a big client in a rewarding and interesting role.”

    View or download our Graduate Programme brochure