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  • An internship with FDM is a great way to start your career and make the most of your summer, whether you’re looking for a career in IT or exploring options within wider business operations. We have a variety of different internships available including opportunities in IT Support, Marketing, Sales, HR and People Development to name a few. Whichever business area you choose, you’ll get a real taste of life at FDM, working alongside other undergraduate interns and experienced professionals.

    The FDM Summer Internship Programme offers university students the chance to gain hands-on experience with the UK’s leading IT graduate employer. It will enable you to gain invaluable insight into our business and culture, as well as introduce you to a commercial working environment.

    During your time with us, you will be given relevant training during your induction period to ensure that you can competently and confidently excel in your role. You will also have the opportunity to apply your theoretical knowledge to real-world projects, create a professional network, build upon your current skills and forge a rewarding career path, all whilst having fun with like-minded people.

    Don’t just take our word for it; find out what it’s really like to be an FDM Intern!

    Recruitment Process and Application Criteria

    Our paid internships run for eight weeks from June each year and Interns are based in our London, Glasgow and Leeds offices. We are currently recruiting for our 2017 Summer Internship Programme and internships will begin on 19th June 2017. The diversity of FDMers continues to be our strength, so whatever your degree subject we want to hear from you. The application deadline is Monday 8th January, 2018. Applications will open in October when a link to the on-line application form will be provided here.


    Essential criteria:

    • Professional and enthusiastic, with a ‘can-do’ attitude
    • An undergraduate in your penultimate year of study
    • STEM, business or finance related degrees
    • Demonstrable interest in business and IT with a drive to build a successful career
    • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
    • An analytical approach to problem solving
    • Ambitious with great ideas and ready to take up a challenge

    Adam’s Story – Technical Intern

    Name: Adam Kershaw

    Studying: Business Information Technology at Southampton Solent University

    What I have gained from this experience:

    I spent the duration of my eight weeks at FDM working with the Business Relationship Team on various projects. My first set of tasks was to evaluate the possible use of some online courses to deliver the data visualisation unit of the new Business Intelligence pathway. This involved taking the online course classes and completing the exercises as if I was an FDM trainee to identify the quality of each course. The online courses exposed me to Tableau Public and Microsoft Power BI, both of which are powerful data visualisation tools. My next task was to see how Power BI could be used at FDM and to determine whether it was a suitable software alternative to Tableau. In order to do this I worked alongside the Sales Support Team, using the skills I had learnt from the online courses to produce visualisations for internal use. Using Power BI I was able to create a training programme using a Gantt chart, an interactive dashboard displaying the available FDM Consultants and a Power Map video displaying the location of FDM’s global clients. Whilst at FDM I was given the opportunity to complete some of FDM’s consultant training. I undertook courses in both SQL and Excel VBA throughout my time at FDM. This helped to reinforce my knowledge and develop it further than the level I’d covered in my degree.

    Duncan’s Story – Research and Development Intern

    Name: Duncan Hampshire

    Studying: Natural Sciences (Chemistry) at the University Of Cambridge

    What I have gained from this experience:

    The FDM Internship Programme has been thoroughly enjoyable, as well as providing me with a great insight into the possible roles I can expect within a career in IT. Perhaps the most striking thing I learnt was that IT did not present a limitation on possible roles, but rather that careers are extremely diverse due to the universal need for personnel trained in IT skills. I would say that I now appreciate much more the nature of a career in this field. For the majority of my internship, I was tasked with producing a system which enables FDM staff to analyse consultant training data in an increasingly effective way. I had to learn and develop an excellent knowledge of the creation, modification and maintenance of Relational Databases. As part of this, I received high quality training in SQL and other important areas. It was great to learn some new skills and be immediately able to put them to use in a practical way. The development presented significant technical challenges, but my colleagues were able to provide crucial insight and assistance. I am proud to have produced something that makes a small but real difference to the operations within FDM. My time here has turned out to be both informative about my own career aspirations, and great for learning new skills and techniques. It is also apparent how willing senior staff are to help out across the full range of the company’s operations. This makes FDM and extremely friendly community, despite the inherent dynamic nature of working in a growing business. I was very pleased when FDM chose to accept me onto their Internship Programme, and after the experience I would definitely recommend it. Whilst I will now be returning to university to complete my degree, the skills and knowledge I have gained will no doubt prove invaluable in the future.

    James’s Story – Cyber Security Intern
    Name: James Cheung

    Studying: Computer Systems Engineering at the University of Kent

    What I have gained from this experience:

    I am about to finish my Summer Internship at FDM Group based at their London HQ working within the technical department as a Cyber Security Intern. I saw this opportunity through my university careers website and decided to apply and I am thankful I am here working by London Bridge. I have gained many skills from this internship. Firstly, I am glad I went through with this internship programme and would highly recommend it. I have met with some great people here and you won’t be making tea and coffee. You will be given a project from day one, which is great. The company is very welcoming and everyone talks to each other. This has given me valuable transferable skills working within an IT consultancy company, such as the team work, improved communications and problem solving skills. I am with a great bunch of other interns all working within different departments and different projects, but have united for a group project where all our diverse skills are pulled together. This is especially great experience as in the working world you won’t necessarily just be working with people who are in the same department as you. I have gained a large amount of new technical skills; Cyber Security is a growing concern for all types of companies small or large. Worryingly roughly 70% of small companies and 90% of large companies were breached last year, the recent Sony hack in 2014 springs to mind. Unsurprisingly this is a growing industry which has accelerated. During my internship I have helped in the improvement and development of virtual network infrastructure. The internship has also seen me trained in ethical hacking, cyber security from both offensive and defensive aspects, as well as in depth understanding of networking. These skills are very much transferable to the working world on top of building-up industry contacts. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here, and am very thankful to FDM for giving me this valuable experience which has helped to develop and shape my future career.

    Theodora’s Story – HR Intern

    Name: Theodora Petra Negrea

    Studying: Human Resource Management at the University of Bradford

    What I have gained from this experience:

    I was lucky enough to secure this internship right after my first year in university. Having studied only general business concepts until now, this practical experience has helped me to gain a better understanding of the career journey I want to embark on.

    The reality of HR is just as diverse as the people you deal with on a daily basis. This internship gave me the opportunity to go through a “reality check” and learn to adapt to the UK working life, its pace and challenges.

    The experience has been a continuous learning curve for me and I quickly filled in the notebook provided on the induction day with thoughts, practical tips and end-of-the-day reflections. I had the luck of having lovely colleagues which were patient enough to answer all my questions and I could see that everyone in the office was eager to learn from one another on a daily basis. This gave me to courage to speak up and make recommendations to improve our HR processes.

    I also had the chance to work on some of FDM’s new campaigns, including a Peer Support Scheme and a Mentoring Programme. It was refreshing to see how open FDMers are to change and that new initiatives are encouraged and nurtured. The company has quite a flat structure, which definitely assures a more relaxed, “work hard, play hard” culture.

    I am now looking forward to relate the things I learnt to the concepts I’ll be learning next year in uni and hopefully be back with FDM at some point after that.

    Karen’s Story – Marketing Intern
    Name: Karen Minta

    Studying: Accounting and Finance for Contemporary China at the University of Nottingham

    What I have gained from this experience:

    I am someone who enjoys working in dynamic environments therefore I decided that I would like to go into the technology industry when I complete my degree. Currently in my third year studying Accounting and Finance for Contemporary China; I was fortunate enough to secure a place on the FDM Internship Programme having seen an advert on my university’s website. My role as a Marketing Intern has allowed me to be creative, innovative and dynamic. Marketing is an aspect of business which enables the business to function, because a company is successful based on their public image. I have also been able to learn about social media from a business perspective and learnt about the company’s advertising techniques. The internship has been filled with many learning curves and challenges which I have been able to overcome because my manager has allowed me to use my own initiative. The intern group project has allowed me to turn my ideas on paper into a reality. The Marketing Team at FDM has been very inclusive and has allowed me to be thrown into all of their projects to broaden my experience and skillset. FDM is a company where the directors and managers speak to everyone and CEO Rod Flavell is always about to speak to employees and encourage their new ideas that could be implemented back into the company. That’s one of the reasons why I chose to accept this internship, because at my assessment day, the managers were really friendly. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here at FDM because the experience has been really valuable and I will take away everything I have learnt with a positive attitude for my future career.

    Simon’s Story – Sales Intern

    Name: Simon Newman

    Studying: Manufacturing Engineering at Loughborough University

    What I have gained from this experience:

    During the start of my internship I was put into the resourcing team. The job involves following the recruitment process from the very beginning; receiving a job specification from a client to meeting the clients requirements by providing a quality consultant. This involved searching candidate databases and speaking to potential matches to see if they had all the necessary skills and requirements to fit in the job role.

    Some of my day-to-day activities in sales along with resourcing have included: involvement with client meetings, mock interviews with trainee consultants along with delivery feedback, developing, generating and monitoring client leads to help promote the FDM Diversity Newsletter.


    These were all great ways of becoming involved in the general activity of the sales department as well as increasing my awareness of the recruitment and sales processes.


    Alongside this I took part in the Professional Skills course in the FDM Academy, which enabled me to improve my communication and soft skills, for example increasing my knowledge in my own learning styles and how to communicate and interview people in a professional environment.


    More recently I’ve taken part in the Excel VBA course; as someone who considered themselves proficient in Excel it was an eye-opener into how in-depth the courses are and how much there is to learn in the FDM Academy. I will also be taking part in the PRINCE2 Foundation course to increase my knowledge of project management principles and terminologies. Taking part in both these courses was a great way to not only to improve my own technical skills in the Academy but to find out what kind of environment the graduates find themselves in, as well as the material they learn and what they think of the Academy process.


    I’ve taken part in a group project on campus recruitment with the other summer interns which exposed me to the importance that marketing, finance, corporate identity and effective planning have on a successful campus recruitment campaign. This highlighted the importance of campus relations with students and the role companies can play in attracting graduates to their respective schemes. We all presented the project to the company directors, and hearing the positive feedback and knowing that our ideas were going to be taken further was a really positive experience for all of us.