FDM is a dynamic IT services provider with a powerful business model. We select and employ high-caliber candidates who have the potential to become major players in the world of IT as FDM Consultants. After the initial training, our trainees progress to become professional FDM Consultants, representing the company on one or more client assignments for a minimum of two years.

Our employees are enthusiastic and talented with a drive to succeed. FDM Consultants thrive in challenging roles and are trained to make a difference on client sites from day one. Our prestigious clients are at the forefront of their industries and highly value the professionalism and dedication that FDM Consultants bring to the workplace. 

FDM IT Academy Program 

FDM employs exceptional candidates from a range of disciplines, using a unique blend of training and commercial experience.

The first part of the training involves 3-4 months of comprehensive skills development in one of our specialist areas. Trainees undertake full-time training at our 14 Wall Street Academy Training Center in Manhattan in preparation for working as an FDM Consultant. On completion of the training, they become professional IT Consultants and progress to represent FDM on client assignments for a minimum of two years. 

The FDM Academy Program eradicates the “catch-22” hurdle of qualifications without experience, providing candidates with quality training, invaluable commercial experience and the opportunity for lucrative career progression. Furthermore, FDM is a great place to work where you will meet enthusiastic, like-minded people who enjoy working in IT. Check out what our Consultants have to say about working at FDM. If you are interested in joining the FDM Academy Program, you can apply for a position using the online application form.

The FDM Business Model - A High Value Proposition For Clients 

FDM specializes in three core service areas: 

FDM provides an unrivaled commitment to clients, helping them to achieve their specific business objectives through the provision of traditional or tailored IT services to suit their individual requirements. 

FDM Consultants are placed on one or more client sites for up to two years. They are FDM employees so we retain accountability for them, creating a low risk staffing solution for our clients. FDM’s services are both geographically flexible and cost effective, allowing clients to benefit from cost efficiency without compromising on quality. 

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