Corporate Culture

FDM operates on a global scale, with offices located in New York, London, Switzerland, Frankfurt and Hong Kong to name a few. These exciting locations match our corporate culture, centered on dynamic, ambitious IT consultants. At FDM, we know that our people are at the very heart of our business, so we pride ourselves on providing a positive working environment where we can work together towards FDM’s success.

FDM Consultants learn from day one that their time with us will be energizing, stimulating and fun. Our employees are hardworking and motivated individuals who also enjoy socializing together, which creates a dynamic team environment. At FDM we believe rewarding our staff is important which is why we host a variety of corporate events and networking opportunities and have regular achievement awards for exemplary work.

The ‘Global’ Mindset

FDM is truly global in origin and outlook with employees from over 40 cultural backgrounds working together as a team. We instill an ethos of mobility in all FDM Consultants, giving them the support and encouragement required to learn and progress in their IT career.

Hiring Our Veterans

The FDM Veteran Program is committed to bridging the gap for our service men and women looking to transition from military service to the professional workforce. Those Veterans who have an enthusiasm for IT and a drive to learn can find the skills necessary to succeed with some of the top companies in the Banking and Financial Services sector.

Encouraging Women in IT

FDM’s ‘Women in IT’ initiative is very close to the company’s heart. FDM is proud to be championing women in IT and is dedicated to making IT a more female-friendly career path by offering candidates a mentor dedicated to supporting them throughout their FDM career.

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