The FDM Academy Program Advantage
  • Minimum of two years of full-time employment 
  • Targeted IT training combined with two years of commercial experience 
  • Fast growing global company with prestigious clients around the world 
  • Applications for the FDM Academy Program are accepted all year round 
Launch A Career In IT Through The FDM Academy Program

FDM is responsible for launching the IT careers of over 3,000 industry professionals to date worldwide. Unlike most employers, we actively recruit for the FDM Academy Program all year round in order to keep up with our fast-growing international operations and client demands.  

The FDM Academy Program eliminates the “catch-22” scenario experienced by many of today's candidates. Even if you have the necessary qualifications to do the job, it's usually very hard to get hired unless you have the relevant industry experience. That's why FDM's unique program combines training and commercial experience, providing a defined career path for our trainees.

The FDM Academy Program

The FDM Academy Program combines 3-4 months of comprehensive training with two years of commercial IT experience. After the initial training, FDM trainees move on to become professional IT Consultants, representing FDM on client assignments for a minimum of two years. During the training program, you will learn the technical and commercial skills required to be successful in the IT industry. 

You will initially be based at our 14 Wall Street Academy Training Center in Manhattan, where you will receive award-winning training and guidance from our experienced FDM Trainers. Training is full-time and intensive, as you learn the skills that will help you achieve your career goals. The training environment is highly supportive and provides an opportunity for trainees to discuss ideas and build lasting relationships with each other.

The expert training you receive is fully funded by FDM and you will start earning a salary when you start your first client placement, however it is essential that you can support yourself during the training period.

Training Streams

There are four training streams available on the FDM Academy Program, enabling you to become a Java Developer, .Net Developer, Application Support Analyst or Project Analyst. Occasionally we have more specific requirements where we may be looking for bilingual Consultants to work in another country, or for Consultants to be trained in a specific technology for a unique opportunity – we will post these opportunities online as they become available.

Apply Today To Join The FDM Academy Program

If you would like to join the FDM Academy Program, please apply by completing our online application form.

Find Out More

To find out more information about the FDM Academy Program, you may like to download our FDM Academy Program Brochure or visit the following pages: 

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