The FDM Application Support Career Path - An Overview
  • Full-time job with FDM for at least two years
  • Be introduced to a set of concepts and techniques for managing IT infrastructure, development and operations
  • Gain an understanding of best practice relating to the provision of IT services
  • Effectively determine impact and urgency for prioritising incidents across major applications
  • Learn finance fundamentals to effectively support the investment banking sector
FDM’s Application Support Training

The FDM Application Support training begins with an introduction to the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) – a set of concepts and techniques for managing IT infrastructure, development and operations. You will gain an understanding of best practice relating to the provision of IT services and effectively determine impact and urgency for prioritizing incidents across major applications critical to the success of our client’s organizations. 

Since many of our opportunities are linked to the finance sector, this course covers the regulatory environment, the debt market, alternative investments - including derivatives, futures and options - foreign exchange and property, hedge funds and private equity. You will explore retail products like unit trusts, investment trusts, REITs, loans and mortgages, life assurance and pensions. You will cover tax, economics and economic indicators such as RPI & RPIX.

The Application Support Analyst Career

FDM Application Support Analysts work across all three levels of support from high-profile first line roles through to technically focused third line areas and are responsible for supporting bespoke business-critical applications. Many of our opportunities are in the financial sector, however, we also have FDM consultants working in the insurance, media and the gaming sectors. 

Your role may involve some programing and administration, though primarily you will deal with any technical problems by analyzing, diagnosing, then either solving or referring the problem to the right person to do so. More often than not, you will be working closely with end users and will be looked up to as the individual that can deliver solutions to time-sensitive problems.

Become An Application Support Analyst
  • Successful candidates will have an IT related background, although business or financial disciplines will also be considered
  • Any exposure working within fast-paced or high-pressured environments would be advantageous and you must show enthusiasm for IT
  • An Application Support Analyst should be a natural problem solver, with the ability to analyze and diagnose various issues, as well as possessing high attention to detail
  • They will be strong communicators with the ability to work in a client-facing role and converse effectively with colleagues and senior management
  • Self-motivation is a key skill as well as excellent time management and the ability to prioritise tasks

To apply to join the Application Support training stream and become an FDM Application Support Analyst please click here.

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