The FDM Java Development Career Path – An Overview
  • Full-time job with FDM for at least two years
  • Gain a sound understanding of the Java language
  • Engage in a series of projects to introduce and reinforce integral design principles
  • Learn about client and server side web development
FDM’s Java Development Training

FDM’s Java training module will provide you with a sound understanding of the Java language. At the end of your study, you will be able to write code that is modular, robust, scalable and maintainable to a professional standard (i.e. code that can be easily modified to meet changing client requirements). 

Java Training - Design Principles

Once you have grasped the language basics, you will engage in a series of mini projects to introduce and reinforce integral design principles. The fundamentals of polymorphism, abstraction, inheritance and encapsulation are explained and their implementation within the Java framework is elucidated. The work culminates in a final project that brings together all the elements taught throughout the course.

Java Training - Client And Server Side Web Development

The final part of the Java training course covers client and server side web development; once mastered you will refactor a desktop application into a web-based application. The composition of this assignment ensures that subjects such as web security and session handling are extensively covered. Throughout the course, you will be challenged to think of better ways to write your code, to plan for the future and to consider the likelihood of change throughout the lifecycle of the Java applications you write.

The Java Developer Career

Development offers a wide range of responsibilities and tasks ensuring a variety of roles are available to you once your training has been completed. FDM aims to place you in a role that will utilize your strengths and in which you have the opportunity to excel. You may find yourself working on new projects as part of a development team, attending design meetings, liaising with clients/customers, writing, developing, testing and reviewing code.

Alternatively, you could be responsible for supporting existing applications. You will liaise with end users to fix defects, find solutions and test them. Also for any change requests you could have to investigate the feasibility of the request, communicate with the client, and implement. Similarly, you may be asked to add additional functionality to existing applications by exploring, designing and implementing solutions upon gathering requirements. 

Become An FDM Java Developer
  • Successful candidates will be from a Computer Science or IT related background in these areas 
  • Disciplines such as Mathematics, Physics and Engineering will also be considered, as they demand a similar methodology
  • A passion for technology and strong interest in the industry is essential, as this is a demanding career path
  • An analytical mind and a problem solving approach are desirable attributes and such candidates are likely to excel in IT development
  • Candidates should also have an awareness of, and a desire to keep up with, developments in the industry and new technologies

To apply to join the Java Development training stream and become an FDM Java Developer please click here.

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