Application Support Analyst Profile

Steve’s Story in Application Support

“Before joining FDM, I had a degree in Economics and a knack for technology but I lacked the in-the-field experience. I had been trying desperately to break into the finance industry but had no luck getting through the door because of my knowledge gap. FDM Academy helped me bridge that gap by providing me with the relevant tools that employers were looking for. Since the Academy training is role-specific, I was able to go into interviews with the confidence of an experienced candidate. FDM Academy provided me with valuable technical skills, helped me sharpen up my soft skills, and even revamped my resume! 

Working with the FDM Group Account Management team was like having a personal staff of networked recruiters by my side. After establishing my strengths and weaknesses, they sent me on a variety of investment banking interviews, which enabled me to explore different job functions and find what suited my personality. Within three weeks, I had multiple offers including one from Barclays Capital to work Application Support on their equity derivatives trading floor!  In less than two months, FDM helped me reach a goal that I spent a whole year trying to achieve.”

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