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Hector’s Story in Java development

“My name is Hector and I am a current employee of the FDM Group. I am also proud to say that I graduated from Hunter College, on June 2010, with Computer Science as my major. While at school, I had to work as a waiter to pay for my expenses and did not have the opportunity to have an internship to gain experience in the field. After finishing college I had a hard time looking for a job. I thought that my good grades and the fact that I graduated with honors would help the fact that I did not have experience. It wasn’t like that. I was called for many interviews but with the same result: I needed experience. Like me, there are many students who, because of different reasons, cannot find a job after finishing school. 

FDM helped me to gain the experience that I needed through their academy program. I gained a lot more knowledge too. I know now what am I capable of doing, and where and how to focus all the knowledge I gained at Hunter and at FDM. They not only trained me in technical stuff, but also in how to manage an interview. We are given the confidence that before we finish our training process we will be placed on-site. Right now I am placed at UBS. There are many students, like me, that need some help launching their career. FDM is there to help them.”

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