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Mathieu’s Story in Project Management / Business Analysis

“My name is Mathieu and I am currently a PMO trainee at the FDM Group in New York. In college, I was an economics and finance major and first heard about FDM Group through a job fair put on by my university. I was immediately interested in FDM for several reasons. I have always been largely into computers, technology and how it helps businesses become more efficient and therefore successful. The majority of FDM’s clients in the United States are financial institutions and being an economics/finance major this really sparked my interest into wanting to become a consultant at FDM. By being able to work in IT in a financial environment, I am able to be exposed to two of my largest interests: finance and IT. 

In addition, FDM trains you for free and will help you secure jobs at very elite corporations. We all know that the job market is not what it used to be and FDM allows you to get your foot in the door at these large financial and media companies, which is a plus to any individual, especially a recent graduate.  In short, FDM is great because they expose you to great industries, give you excellent training, and provide great assistance in finding employment with their clients. 

I am now over halfway done with my training and have enjoyed every aspect of it. Being a person that has had no previous coding experience all of the work has been very challenging, but also very fulfilling when you see yourself coding an entire project after such a short amount of training. In addition, the atmosphere at the FDM Academy office here in New York is great. Since I first came for my assessment I noticed that people had smiles on their faces and great relationships with the staff. Everybody here gets along and that makes it a wonderful place to work. 

Overall my experience at FDM has been very positive. I’m able to learn skills that I desperately needed in order to get my first job out of school, and FDM reinforces this by assisting me in finding a job for a whole two years. If you’re an individual that has an interest in developing a career in the IT industry, I would definitely recommend FDM as they have been nothing but good to me.”

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