FDM Career Events

If you are considering applying to FDM we encourage you to come and visit us at an FDM careers event to talk with our Academy Recruitment team.

FDM holds these regular events where you can find out more about the FDM Academy Program, what it is like to work for us and if the IT industry is right for you. We welcome students and military veterans from a range of backgrounds, as long as you demonstrate a clear interest in IT.

Our brochures and websites can tell you a lot about FDM, but there is nothing like meeting the people who work for us in person. Attending a careers event will give you a great opportunity to speak to us and get first-hand answers to questions you may have.

FDM works in partnership with many leading educational institutions delivering presentations, skills sessions and workshops.

If you think you have what it takes to embark on a career in IT, come along and meet us at an event near you.

Stay tuned! We are busy planning our career events calendar for the fall and will post updates soon. 

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