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FDM has helped over 3,000 individuals launch their IT careers through our award-winning Academy Program worldwide. By combining specialized IT training with high-profile roles in prestigious organizations, FDM has created a unique formula for career success. FDM is able to enhance your technical skills, business skills and commercial awareness.  We are committed to giving you the best possible start in the IT sector and supporting you throughout your new career.

If you are interested in applying for the FDM Academy Program but still have a few questions this list of frequently asked questions should help. We always welcome questions regarding our program, so if you have questions then you are free to call our Academy Recruitment Team to discuss the opportunities we have to offer.

What is the FDM Academy Program?

The FDM Academy Program includes 3-4 months of full-time training where trainees learn all of the skills required to become an FDM IT Consultant. We have our academy on 14 Wall Street in Manhattan, which provides fast-track skills development to candidates from a range of disciplines. Once you have completed your training you will begin working on technical placements on our client sites for a minimum of two years.

How do I apply for the FDM Academy Program?

Apply via our online application form. However, before you apply it is important to consider if you meet the suitability criteria and which one of our candidate roles best suits your career aspirations.

What happens next?

Once we have received your application we will screen it for suitability and will conduct a telephone interview with candidates who meet the criteria. If you are successful at this stage we will invite you to an assessment day at our Academy Training Center. If you pass the assessment criteria, FDM will offer you a position on our FDM Academy Program. For more information about this process please read about the FDM assessment and selection process.

Is it essential for me to have an IT degree?

No. FDM accepts candidates with a range of related backgrounds such as Mathematics, Science, Engineering, Electronics and Military. A technical, mathematical or science degree will often have taught you the basic skills you need to get through our assessment process.  FDM also welcomes Veterans interested in developing a career in IT. If you have a passion for the IT industry and a desire to work with some of the top Banking and Financial Services companies, you may find it worthwhile coming along to an FDM assessment.

Can I do my training part-time or at home?

No. The FDM Academy Program takes place Monday to Friday, 9:00 – 5:30 under model office conditions. Your intensive training course is designed to prepare you for a demanding career in IT.

What training will I receive?

There are four training streams for you to select from, helping you become a Java Developer, Project Analyst, .Net Developer or Application Support Analyst.

Will I have to pay for my training?

No, the training you receive through the FDM Academy Program is free on the condition that you commit to work for FDM for two years. However, although the training is unpaid, you will begin to receive a salary when you embark on your first placement as an FDM Consultant on site with our clients. This means that you should be prepared to fund yourself during the unpaid training period.

What streams are offered at the FDM training academy in New York?

New York City: Java Development, Application Support Analyst, Project Management/Business Analyst (PMO).

What happens when I complete my training?

When you successfully complete your training you will be available for client roles. Once selected by one of our clients for placement, you start a two-year salaried job with FDM as an IT Consultant. During these two years, you could be placed on one or more of our client sites.

Where will I be working on completion of my training?

On completion of your training you could be working across the New York tri-state area, including New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. FDM Consultants must be prepared for placements on client sites anywhere within the tri-state area. You may also choose to work anywhere nationwide for various client roles that may become available. Please let a member of our Academy Recruitment Team know if this is something you are interested in.

What companies will I be working with?

You will be working on site with our clients, such as: HSBC, UBS, Sirius XM Radio, Credit Suisse, RBS, Credit Agricole to name a few.  You may end up working at the same place for the whole two years, or you may be placed on various client sites throughout that time.

Am I paid a salary during my two years of placements?

Yes. Following your training you will be an employee of FDM on a two-year contract of employment as one of our IT Consultants. Once you have commenced your first placement with one of our clients, you will earn a salary. In the US, Consultants earn approximately $43,000 (USD) in their first year and $49,000 (USD) in their second year. In Canada, Consultants earn approximately $37,500 (CAD) in their first year and $43,500 (CAD) in their second year. During this two-year period you may undergo placements with one or numerous clients, but you are still an FDM employee and will be paid by FDM.

Will I receive support from FDM if I have to relocate for placements?

If you choose to relocate to complete one of your work placements you may be eligible for assistance with your travel and/or accommodation – this is determined on a case-by-case basis and is at FDM’s discretion.

What happens at the end of the two years?

At the end of your two years you have a number of options to progress your career further within the IT Sector. You will still be an FDM employee earning an attractive salary and working for an award-winning company. However, you are no longer contractually bound to remain with the company and can pursue other avenues if you would like, such as transitioning into permanent employment with a client you have been placed with.

FDM continues to provide our Senior Consultants with demanding and fulfilling technical placements with our prestigious clients. They also have the option of pursuing roles internally, such as becoming an FDM Trainer. No matter how you choose to progress your IT career, you will have two years of excellent IT experience gained from the FDM Academy Program.

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