FDM Group International IT Services Provider

FDM has been providing innovative IT services to market-leading companies for over two decades. Our experience has taught us that one size certainly does not fit all, so we tailor our approach to suit each client requirement.

FDM specializes in three core IT service areas: Software Development, Project Management Office (PMO) and Application Support. We work with over 200 clients in multiple industry sectors, including: finance, media, insurance, retail, systems integration, telecommunications, transport and logistics.

Our high-caliber IT Consultants are trained to make a difference on client sites from day one. They receive quality training through the award-winning FDM Academy Program as well as covering the importance of professional skills, so that our clients receive all round excellence. 

The FDM Advantage
  • High-caliber FDM Consultants
  • Local talent for your business
  • Global reach / international presence
  • Flexibility and scalability
  • Broad ranging technology expertise
  • Project continuity
  • Cost efficiency without compromising on quality
  • Robust credentials and track record of success
  • Low risk resource solution - FDM accountability
  • Guaranteed skill levels
  • Award winning FDM training
  • High value, low cost solutions

For more information please download the FDM IT Services brochure.

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