The Challenge

Citigroup needed to re-engineer its Global Prime Finance technology platform. Part of the strategic review involved replacing the existing International Stock Record System and migrating all the data into a new / improved system. FDM Group was chosen for this project and tasked with delivering successful results within strict timescales. In order to meet the deadline, selecting the right team of Consultants was crucial.

The Solution

Three experienced FDM Technical Team Leaders were assigned to the project, as well as a number of Java and .Net Developers. In order to retire the existing system, these teams worked on developing a new platform and several interfaces, as well as the enquiry and reporting functionality. The requirements were split into multiple projects, running concurrently, to make the best use of time.

The Outcome

FDM managed three teams that were integrated with Citigroup’s technical and business employees, as one seamless overall project solution. The blended mix of skills brought in by FDM Consultants led to a skills-transfer from the more senior Consultants to all project team members, delivering long-term benefits as well as keeping costs down.

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