The Challenge

RBS/ABN’s core equity derivatives application was historically supported by the development team, responsible for its creation. This team was also accountable for new tactical and strategic developments, but was constrained by the overhead of support. The aim was to transition this support function to a dedicated 1st and 2nd line support service, thereby freeing their developers to deliver valued enhancements.

The Solution

A small team of Support Analysts was initially supplied by FDM, complementing RBS/ABN’s development team. As the team grew, Service Management was also supplied with the incorporation of ITIL standard processes, as well as the implementation of Incident Tracking and Knowledge Base software.

The Outcome

The service desk now has full responsibility for intraday service delivery and enhancements for all global users of the key equity derivatives application. The team has expanded to absorb new products as well as business areas, and is now split between London, New York and an off-site center in Brighton, UK. The development has enabled tactical and strategic development requirements to be fulfilled.

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