The Challenge

A testing team within UBS’s Equity Finance Division needed to consolidate their team to a single vendor. At the time the team was a mixture of outsourced and high rate contract resources and UBS needed to bring down the overall cost of the team.

The Solution

UBS wanted to use a single vendor model and FDM was well positioned with its training and Consultant Model. FDM was able to take ownership of the project with multiple vendors on behalf of UBS. With the ability to provide continuity over a minimum two year period, FDM supplied a team of home-grown, trained Test Analysts, with skillsets including HP Quality Center, Quick Test Professional, SQL Script Analysis, Unix Commands, MS Excel Access and Word, to perform testing of multiple trade related applications, including the management of decommissioning of an external system.

The Outcome

The work was completed on schedule and at a cost saving to UBS. FDM created a stable test environment which can now be fully outsourced and off-shored. FDM’s lead Consultant Tester is currently in his third year with UBS and adds much to the divisions testing services.

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