FDM Veteran Program

The FDM Veteran Program focuses on transitioning Veterans into professional IT Consultants. FDM is able to provide those with the aptitude and desire to work in IT the essential skills needed to build successful careers in the Banking and Financial Services sector. In addition, successful candidates will also be employed by FDM for a minimum of two years as IT Consultants, working to deliver FDM’s innovative IT solutions.

How It Works

FDM’s Academy Program is unique because it places IT Consultants at the heart of the FDM organization in a client-facing role, delivering FDM’s unique IT solutions to major clients in the Banking and Financial Services sector.  

FDM is seeking to employ a number of high-caliber Veterans with the drive to work in the Information Technology sector. They will be trained through the award-winning FDM Academy Program to become IT specialists in Java Development, Application Support or Project Management/Business Analyst.

Once trained, these IT Consultants will represent FDM on client sites, supporting our clients’ technology requirements. Fast-track career progression is a key element of the program, placing candidates on a path that could lead into senior leadership roles within large international organizations.


FDM is currently a vendor with the Department of Veteran Affairs with the Veteran Rehabilitation and Education Program (VRE) VetSuccess Program under Chapter 31. We are currently expanding our relationship with the Department of Labor Veterans’ Education and Training Services (VETS) and WorkForce1 within the New York tri-state area.

For more information about the VetSuccess Program, please visit the VBA website or contact the New York Regional Office Department of Veterans Affairs Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment Division, 245 West Houston Street, New York, NY 10014, at (212) 807–3008.

Through our contributions to Veterans on Wall Street, FDM proudly supports numerous charitable organizations dedicated to serving our veterans, including: Operation Mend, Travis Manion FoundationIraq Afghanistan Veterans of America, Children of Fallen Patriots, and more.
Through our affiliation with Wall Street Rocks For The Veterans, FDM supports the Wounded Warrior Project and Reserve Aid. Through our partnership with 'Be A Hero, Hire A Hero,' FDM supports Higher Ground,No Greater Sacrifice, and Warrior Gateway, all organizations that are focused rehabilitating military Veterans and assisting in post-service employment.
Contact Us

To find out how to employ FDM trained Veterans within your organization, please contact our Account Management team at veteran.program@fdmgroup.com

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