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  • Find out what it is really like to work as an FDM Consultant representing us on prestigious client sites across the globe by reading these career stories:

    Project Management / Business Analysis — Mathieu

    Mathieu’s career in Project Management / Business Analysis

    “My name is Mathieu and I am currently a PMO trainee at the FDM Group in New York. In college, I was an economics and finance major and first heard about FDM Group through a job fair put on by my university. I was immediately interested in FDM for several reasons. I have always been largely into computers, technology and how it helps businesses become more efficient and therefore successful. The majority of FDM’s clients in the United States are financial institutions and being an economics/finance major this really sparked my interest into wanting to become a Consultant at FDM. By being able to work in IT in a financial environment, I am able to be exposed to two of my largest interests: finance and IT.

    In addition, FDM trains you for free and will help you secure jobs at very elite corporations. We all know that the job market is not what it used to be and FDM allows you to get your foot in the door at these large financial and media companies, which is a plus to any individual, especially a recent graduate. In short, FDM is great because they expose you to great industries, give you excellent training, and provide great assistance in finding employment with their clients.

    I am now over halfway done with my training and have enjoyed every aspect of it. Being a person that has had no previous coding experience, all of the work has been very challenging, but also very fulfilling when you see yourself coding an entire project after such a short amount of training. In addition, the atmosphere at the FDM Academy here in New York is great. Since I first came for my assessment I noticed that people had smiles on their faces and great relationships with the staff. Everybody here gets along and that makes it a wonderful place to work.

    Overall my experience at FDM has been very positive. I’m able to learn skills that I desperately needed in order to get my first job out of school, and FDM reinforces this by assisting me in finding a job for a whole two years. If you’re an individual that has an interest in developing a career in the IT industry, I would definitely recommend FDM as they have been nothing but good to me.”

    Software Development — Hector

    Hector’s career in Software Development

    “My name is Hector and I am a current employee of FDM Group. I am also proud to say that I graduated from Hunter College, on June 2010, with Computer Science as my major. While at school, I had to work as a waiter to pay for my expenses and did not have the opportunity to have an internship to gain experience in the field. After finishing college I had a hard time looking for a job. I thought that my good grades and the fact that I graduated with honors would help the fact that I did not have experience. It wasn’t like that. I was called for many interviews but with the same result: I needed experience.

    Like me, there are many students who, because of different reasons, cannot find a job after finishing school. FDM helped me to gain the experience that I needed through their Academy Program. I gained a lot more knowledge too. I know now what am I capable of doing, and where and how to focus all the knowledge I gained at Hunter and at FDM. They not only trained me in technical stuff but also in how to manage an interview. We are given the confidence that before we finish our training process we will be placed on-site. Right now I am placed at UBS. There are many students, like me, that need some help launching their career. FDM is there to help them.”

    Application Support — Steve

    Steve’s career in Application Support

    “Before joining FDM, I had a degree in Economics and a knack for technology but I lacked the in-the-field experience. I had been trying desperately to break into the finance industry but had no luck getting through the door because of my knowledge gap. FDM Academy helped me bridge that gap by providing me with the relevant tools that employers were looking for.

    Since the Academy training is role-specific, I was able to go into interviews with the confidence of an experienced candidate. FDM Academy provided me with valuable technical skills, helped me sharpen up my soft skills, and even revamped my resume! Working with the FDM Group Account Management team was like having a personal staff of networked recruiters by my side. After establishing my strengths and weaknesses, they sent me on a variety of investment banking interviews, which enabled me to explore different job functions and find what suited my personality. Within three weeks, I had multiple offers including one from Barclays Capital to work Application Support on their equity derivatives trading floor! In less than two months, FDM helped me reach a goal that I spent a whole year trying to achieve.”

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