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  • There is no better endorsement for FDM than from the FDM Consultants, the universities from which they have come and the clients who have benefited from our Consultants’ dedication on-site.

    Find out first-hand here:

    Java Development - Michael Iannello

    Michael’s Review – Java Consultant, RBC

    Why did you come to FDM?

    I started to look on LinkedIn to see what type of people went there and I saw some people go to other places – Like a Java Developer went on to become a game developer. Another person went on to develop engines. That’s where I see myself. I want to grow every day. I want to be a software engineer one day and FDM just seemed like the first great step on that path.

    What are the trainers like at FDM Group?

    The teachers and the trainers are just super great. They know everything! They are so willing to give themselves to each student – to making him or her the best that they can be just because the idea is that everyone who comes here has a passion, and they just make that passion brighter.

    See the rest of Michael’s interview in the video above!

    PMO - Madison York

    Madison’s Review – Project Management Consultant, BAML

    How would you describe FDM in one word?

    I would say exciting. You never really know what’s going to happen next and every trainer is different so you’re always on your feet. You just go day by day. You meet new people so that’s exciting and it’s kind of like you get a little bit of everything. I’ve made so many new friends now and they’ve shown me around because I’m not from here – It’s just been great!

    What would you say to someone thinking of joining FDM group?

    They should definitely join – it’s something they will not regret. You get certificates you get to use for the rest of their life and you meet new people and it’s just something you will never forget. You get to live in New York for several months and how many people can say they‘ve done that when they’re in their twenties? If I had to go back I would do it again in a heartbeat.

    See the rest of Madison’s interview in the video above!

    More Consultant testimonials
    “FDM’s impressive client base attracted me to join and I have advanced so much since then, thanks to the training and the experience on-site. I’m now a Java Developer in New York working on-site for Credit Suisse, one of the biggest banks in the world!”

    Java Developer Placed at Credit Suisse (USA), BS Aeronautical Engineering

    “As college tuitions rise and degrees become more commonplace, students need to choose between pursuing higher education and jump-starting their careers. FDM can open doors that would otherwise be closed.”

    .NET Developer Placed at UBS (USA), BS Mechanical Engineering

    Client testimonials

    “The caliber of people I have in my team from FDM are of a very high standard.”

    Production Support Manager, HSBC

    “I have been using FDM to staff my IT projects for the past two years, and have always been completely satisfied. Their IT consultants do an excellent job, are always punctual and have completed all tasks on time. They have been very reasonably priced, and have done exactly what we’ve asked of them. I’m happy to recommend the services of FDM.”

    Manager, HSBC

    “I have received nothing but quality Consultants and very often recommend FDM as a result of my experience.”

    Development Team Leader, Credit Suisse

    University testimonials

    “We are looking forward to promoting FDM Group’s comprehensive career-building IT program to our students and to welcoming them to our campus for an information session this fall.”

    Assistant Dean, Career Services and Senior Year Advising at Long Island University, Brooklyn Campus

    “FDM will be visiting Union College this fall to meet with students and describe the opportunities available. We are looking forward to continuing to develop a connection with FDM as Union students are interested in opportunities with financial institutions. For the right student, this seems like an opportunity to pursue.”

    Senior Associate Director, Becker Career Center at Union College