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  • FDM’s Veterans Initiative provides you with expertise, training and commercial experience in order to bridge the gap between the military and the corporate world.

    Interview with U.S. Veteran Daniyel Baron, FDM Consultant placed at Citigroup

    How did you find FDM Group?

    I found FDM about two and a half years ago when I was out and work and I was trying to support my family. I went to a job fair and I met one of the FDM Recruiters who was a Veteran Recruiter. We talked, he told me about the organization and it seemed very interesting. I love technology. I loved what it offered.

    How does Citi support veterans in the organization?

    They organize events for veterans. They allow veterans to communicate with each other. Citigroup actually set up a veteran mentoring program where they set up veterans with senior lever managers in a mentorship-type program. Citi has worked pretty hard actually to accommodate veterans and make veterans more usable in the workforce.

    See the rest of Daniyel’s interview in the video above!

    Why a career in IT?

    Your military experience and talent bring incredibly valuable, transferable skills to our professional environment. Our training and employment approach can prepare you for a future in senior and leadership roles working within multinational organizations. We look for a number of key skills in our Consultants, many of which you have cultivated through your military experience:

    • Leadership and responsibility
    • Strong communication skills
    • Ability to adapt to new environments quickly
    • Drive to succeed in fast-paced environments
    • Discipline and loyalty
    • Excellent teamwork skills
    • Commitment
    • Dependability
    • Swift, analytical thinking
    FDM’s Veteran advantage

    FDM takes a number of measures to ensure you a successful transition into your civilian career.

    • FDM’s courses have been reviewed and approved by American Military University for the award of up to 21 semester hour credits towards a Bachelor of Science degree in Information Technology
    • FDM works closely with the Department of Labor Veterans’ Employment and Training Services (VETS) and Workforce1 centers
    • Tailored professional and technical training
    • Work assignments with FDM’s vast client base
    • Opportunity to work throughout the US
    • Industry skills development
    • Support from the veterans network within FDM
    Your training

    The FDM’s Veterans Initiative provides professional training in a number of disciplines both business and technically focused. These include:

    Please note that FDM’s New York Academy also welcomes veterans into our training streams in MX.3 Production Support and Data and Operational Analysis when these courses are in session.