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  • murex-logoThe FDM and Murex partnership recognizes our clients’ continuous MX resource needs and accompanying operational cost constraints.

    Murex’s MX.3 SDA training, delivered by FDM, produces Consultants with first/second line support knowledge and capabilities; utilizing a best practice approach to the common configuration issues faced within the front to back office use of the MX.3 trade and risk management platform. Click here to find out more about our partnership.

    The FDM MX.3 Production Support Service advantage

    FDM’s unique service is currently delivering fully trained MX.3 Consultants, supporting MX.3 production environments globally for clients across investment banks, wealth management companies and insurance, utility and energy providers, with the following advantages:

    • MTEK Certified MX.3 FDM Trainers
    • High-caliber, highly trained FDM MX.3 Support Desk Consultants
    • Guaranteed skill levels
    • Technical capability in UNIX and SQL
    • Flexibility and scalability
    • Provision of on site and off site services
    • Consultant continuity
    • Cost efficiency without compromising on quality
    • Multilingual Consultants

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