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2017 Summer Intern Project – You Can Do IT

As part of our eight week internship with FDM, all interns across the UK have had the task to manage a project and present it in our final week to the board of directors in London. This project aimed to demonstrate IT is accessible to everyone and it will be launched in career fairs, hackathons and FDM workshops.

We used the BBC Micro:bit which has been developed to inspire young people to start coding and the 4tronix BitBot, a robotic buggy designed specifically for the BBC Micro:bit.

One of the main advantages and key challenges was to work with people from different degree backgrounds. The ideas generated by each person were often unique, however they did not always suit logistics. Ultimately, we gathered our ideas and decided on a main activity.

We created an activity in which users will be able to program and navigate a BitBot around a track that maps out the FDM consultant journey. In this activity, the BitBot buggy will be navigated by coding on the Micro:bit the direction that they want the BitBot buggy to move in. The track will display the career path of a typical consultant as they travel through their FDM career, from attending a careers programme to completing the training and getting placed with one of our 180+ worldwide clients. We based this project on the consultant journey tube map.

To illustrate users can become IT professionals without having a technological background, we created an array of simple programming exercises as part of the activity. They will be able to edit a pre-existing code, which will vary in difficulty depending on their current level of technical experience.

We have also decided to create a supplementary activity to the track idea by using a Raspberry Pi camera and it will take a selfie of the users. The pictures will be uploaded, with the users’ permission, to our FDM social media streams.

Throughout these seven weeks, we have faced many challenges, working together from different FDM offices around the country made project–related work more difficult to discuss and work on collaboratively. But, we had to take this in our stride and accept that this was one of the symptomatic challenges of the intern project and it is something that is important to learn how to work around, especially in a global organisation like FDM where projects often span borders.

As our internship at FDM now comes to an end, we all hope our project will continue to evolve and will be launched soon with the help of our university partnership team. FDM trainers in the London academy are all interested to use the track for their own specific streams.

‘Good experience with great people, I hope this project leaves a legacy here at FDM.’ Aderonke Yussuff, sales intern

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