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7 Reasons Why Tech is the Best Industry for Job Hunters

Five friends fist bumping over a table with their laptops on it.

If you are looking for a new job or even thinking about a change of career, there are many options out there for you to explore. However, one of the most exciting and versatile industries for job hunters to consider is technology. If it’s not a sector you’ve considered before, you may be wondering, what’s so great about working in IT? Well, here are seven reasons why working in tech could be the ideal career path for you.

1. Growing availability of tech jobs

In today’s economy, most jobs are few and far between; not in IT. In fact technology is a booming industry where there are countless opportunities. The availability of tech jobs is expected to rise and is showing no signs of slowing as the industry thrives. Business Insider reports that there is a significant skills shortage for many roles in tech. Some of the most in demand roles include software developers , website developers, mobile app developers, information security analysts and data analysts. If any of these take your fancy, now would be the right time to start. can link to programme pages when built

2. Increasing technological advances

The world of tech is constantly changing, with new technologies emerging that have a real impact on our everyday lives. That is why we believe that these new technologies should be developed and built by diverse teams so that everyone has the opportunity to contribute to such an influential field. We are on a mission to diversify the tech industry and are always looking for new talent. Is working in tech for you? You could be part of taking the impossible, and making it possible. Just a few years ago, who would have thought we’d have self-driving cars or voice controlled TVs? Technology does amazing things and you could be part of that. Working in IT will keep you at the forefront of innovation, so get involved.

3. Expand your mind

Another reason why working in IT could be a great fit for you is that it means constantly developing, adapting and applying your skills. To maintain a competitive advantage in the tech world, you need to keep up to date with technology as it develops, improving your knowledge and constantly learning. If you are ready to take on new information, you’re already halfway there, but what really counts is how you apply your training and expand your mind. You’d be surprised how creative IT can be.

 4. IT jobs will motivate you to be your best

Job satisfaction encompasses multiple factors, including the extent to which you feel self-motivated at work, happy with your work life balance and satisfied with your career growth. CNBC surveys reveal that 90% of tech workers are satisfied with their jobs, with one of the main reasons for this being that a career in tech can influence the way the world works. IT is a goal oriented and fast-paced field, which requires you to stay on the front foot of technical advancements. Therefore, a career in tech will always motivate you to reach and achieve the highest standards. For example, learning new skills can be challenging but this will only increase your value and sense of satisfaction. Likewise, it will help you advance quickly and gain more experience in the field. It’s no wonder that the majority of people in tech are so satisfied!

5. Build friendships

There is a common misconception that working in IT means working alone when, in fact, IT jobs are very collaborative. This gives you the opportunity to meet new people and share ideas, which is great for problem solving as two heads are always better than one. In the IT industry, relationships need to be built on communication and expressing opinions with team members. These relationships can easily turn into friendships and is one of the most valuable reasons to work in tech.

6. Work hard, play hard

It’s no secret that IT is a challenging field to work in, but once you get a grasp on what you are doing, you will thrive not only in your work life, but in your personal life too. Many people don’t realise that IT has a stimulating and exciting culture that isn’t just based around work. Have you ever been to a hackathon? They’re great and give you the opportunity to show off your skills and socialise with like-minded people.

7. Show me the money

Like any job, you’ll have to earn your stripes, but after a couple of years in the industry, IT professionals can make some big money. Fox Business reveals that jobs in IT are some of the best paid jobs in the world. And, as the years progress and technology takes over, this rate will continue to increase. So, get in there early and start your career in tech.

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Featured image credit: Photo by Rawpixel on Pixabay Updated 14 May 2020

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