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A Guide to Stuttgart

View of a white painted library with multiple floors and staircases connecting them.

A Quick Guide to Living in Stuttgart

Baden-Württemberg's capital and the sixth largest city in Germany lies in the valley, surrounded by wooded hills and large vineyards. Looking down from one of the countless view points of the city, it is an idyllic sight with large parks between the densely built-up districts. The most beautiful are the “Schlossgarten”, “Killesberg Park” and the “Rosensteingarten”.

There's always something going on in Stuttgart: there are many street food markets as well as local gin and craft beer tastings for a great cultural offering. Mercedes and Porsche, the opera and ballet and above all the award-winning gastronomy are also integral to the city.

Stuttgart is more multicultural than any other German city, with more than 40% of the inhabitants having a migration background. This is why the city offers an unbeatable variety of culinary highlights.

Stuttgart by Night

Stuttgarters are down-to-earth, industrious and above all excellent food connoisseurs, which is why there are countless restaurants, bars and discos. If you want to go clubbing, we recommend the Waranga and the Kowaltzki. There is also a great Irish pub in the area called Alte Schule. The local wine, mineral baths and the shopping are all worth a visit when you’re in the city. The people of Stuttgart also like to celebrate at the 150-year-old folk festival "Cannstatter Wasen" which is the second largest in the world after the Munich Oktoberfest.

Must-Sees & Highlights

Both the Porsche Museum and the Mercedes-Benz Museum are a must see for car enthusiasts. Factory tours through the "holy halls" of the companies are also very popular.

Stuttgart's cultural scene always has its finger on the pulse. High-ranking art museums, numerous galleries, the world-famous opera, countless theatres, the ballet ensemble and spectacular musicals inspire their audiences over and again.

Stuttgart is a true shopping paradise. Königstraße is the city's shopping mile with one shop after the other. The city centre also hosts two new shopping centres, the Milaneo and the Gerber.

Stuttgart can be viewed from above at countless viewpoints – some of the best views can be found over a drink on Karlshöhe or from the 216m high TV tower. For the most beautiful view of the city, you can climb Stuttgart's highest point, the Birkenkopf.

Architectural Highlights

Stuttgart's architecture can be experienced at the collegiate church where there are architectural testimonies from the Romantic period. The ground-breaking Weißenhof settlement with its cubic flat roof houses has had a decisive influence on modern architecture and the Killesberg Tower impresses with its ingenious design.

Wine Time

Due to its location in the valley basin, the wine grows particularly well on the slopes. Stuttgart is the second largest wine-growing community in Germany and the only large city with an urban winery. There are many wine festivals held throughout the year in Stuttgart, such as the Fellbach Autumn Festival or the "Stuttgart Wine Village", one of Germany's biggest and best wine festivals.

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Featured image credit: Photo by Max Langelott on Unsplash

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