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Celebrating Our Values at FDM

FDM is built on our values; they are central to all parts of our business and determine everything we do. Shaped by our core values, FDM has built a vibrant working culture focused on innovation, diversity and community.

Our values

  • Ambition – We set ourselves challenging goals and are determined to achieve them
  • Collaboration – We work best when we work together
  • Energy – We thrive on activity and getting things done
  • Inclusivity – We embrace and bring together the best people with diverse backgrounds and experiences
  • Professionalism – We work to high standards
  • Growth – We like to be challenged and have a willingness to learn, innovate and improve




Lamar Lewis, star of our latest values video, joined FDM on our Ex-Forces Programme after eight years in The Rifles regiment of the British Army. Having completed the Project Support Officer/Business Analysis (PSO/BA) training and upskilling in Software Testing at the Glasgow Academy, Lamar was placed at Turner Group as a Software Tester. Having successfully completed this placement Lamar has returned to the Glasgow Academy for more training before his next placement. This continuous desire to learn and gain new skills embodies his commitment to the FDM value of growth and highlights our commitment to help our Consultants achieve their full potential.

Lamar’s Infantry career enabled him to develop a range of personal and professional skills that he has now been able to adapt to the commercial IT sector through his FDM training. Having worked in Afghanistan with a wide range of nationalities and cultures, he has strong collaboration skills that were showcased in his recent role with Turner Group. He had to liaise with various stakeholders from the different departments across the business regarding pending and arising issues. Lamar has continually played an integral role within a variety of teams where he has been successful in clearly communicating between peers and superiors.

The value of professionalism particularly resonates with Lamar; he notes that professional manner, work ethic and attitude instilled by FDM allows Consultants to make a strong first impression with client teams. This helps them build trust and working relationships throughout their placements. Our high standards provides our Consultants with the skills and industry knowledge to work on client sites, but it is their professional attitude that allows them to successfully solve client problems and implement change.

If you have left or are about to leave the Forces and FDM’s Values resonate with you, have a look at FDM’s Ex-Forces Programme.

Updated 5 June, 2017

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