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Salesforce Developer

Salesforce Developers are more in-demand than ever. Find out how to get a Salesforce Developer Certification and kickstart your career today. Read more.

Salesforce Developers are now more in-demand than ever before. Boasting a healthy salary, high job satisfaction and ample opportunities for professional development, becoming a Salesforce Developer couldn’t be more exciting. In this blog, we’ll run you through the job description of a Salesforce Developer, as well as some of the most valuable Salesforce Developer certifications you can take to get your career up and running.

What is a Salesforce Developer?

A Salesforce Developer uses a variety of coding languages and software programmes to enhance the functionality of Salesforce software and solve any technical problems. Some of your main roles and responsibilities as a Salesforce Developer can include customising programmes to suit client specifications, carrying out tests and implementing any required fixes to bugs. On the job, you will use three main programmatic technologies: Apex, Visualforce and Lightning Component Framework.

Different Types of Salesforce Developer Certifications

Certifications are essential for demonstrating your expertise to potential employers and can improve your employability, helping you kickstart a rewarding career as a Salesforce Developer. In the same way, achieving these credentials can help you transition from other areas of Salesforce, such as Sales or Marketing. There are a few core Salesforce Developer certifications to consider. These include:

  • Platform App Builder: This certification is designed for candidates who show demonstrable skills in designing and developing custom apps using Salesforce’s customisation capabilities.
  • Platform Developer 1: PDI is designed for those with experience in developing custom applications on Lighting Platform, and with a basic understanding of how to develop and implement business logic and customer interfaces.
  • Platform Developer 2: PDII is for candidates with advanced knowledge of the programmatic capabilities of Salesforce, and the ability to build complex customer interfaces.
  • B2B Commerce Developer: This certification is for those with experience as a full-stack developer, working both in the back-end and client-side for Salesforce Commerce Cloud Digital.

How to Get a Salesforce Developer Certification

Join an Accredited Training Organisation

Salesforce certifications are not easy to achieve: they demand knowledge and effort, and are based on real-life business scenarios.

Therefore, to obtain any of the certifications above, you will need to prepare thoroughly for the appropriate exams. It is always advisable to enrol onto an accredited training organisation for this, like FDM. Our expert trainers will help guide and support you every step of the way towards achieving your certificates. We’re committed to your success and career development.

The FDM Salesforce Developer Training Programme is developed in partnership with Salesforce, providing you with all the skills and knowledge you need to obtain the Salesforce Developer 1 Certification and progress in your career.

Upon successful completion of the training, you will become an FDM Consultant and you will achieve the Salesforce Platform Application Builder Certification. After starting your placement, you’ll have unlimited access to online learning resources and the support of our Salesforce trainers, so that after 6-9 months you will be prepared to sit the exam for Salesforce Platform Developer 1 Certification.

Are you Eligible to get a Salesforce Developer Certification?

There are no entry requirements for obtaining a Salesforce Developer certification as long as you have demonstrated your skills and knowledge. However, you must have your Salesforce Developer 1 Certification before attempting more advanced courses, like PDII. Salesforce Developer certifications are no easy feat, but with the right attitude, work ethic and support, they are highly achievable.

At FDM, we welcome candidates educated to a degree level (minimum 2:2) from any university and subject background to join our Salesforce Developer Programme.

Exam Guidelines and Format

The Salesforce Developer 1 Certification exam comprises 60 multiple choice questions and you have 110 minutes to complete the test, with a minimum pass score of 65%. Luckily, exam retakes are accepted if you don’t pass the first time round! There is no expiration date for your new credentials; however, it is recommended that you keep up to date on any new industry changes and continue to meet Salesforce platform practices. For more information regarding the exam guidelines, please visit the Salesforce website.

Does a career as a Salesforce Developer sound right for you? Check out the FDM Salesforce Developer Programme for more information.

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