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Career Catch-ups: Nita Nathwani

Nita Nathwani - FDM

After taking a career break, Nita Nathwani made the decision to re-join the corporate world. Despite her desire to get back into work, Nita was struggling to be given a chance. FDM’s unique business model aims for those who have taken a career break to find a course that will get them back into the world of work, with relevant qualifications and the opportunity to be placed with high profile clients.

Looking back to when I was acquiring my degree, I realised how much I enjoyed customer marketing, IT and databases. I began to look into jobs that would expose me to all of these aspects. After graduating, I worked at a number of household names in a number of roles, such as a Business Modeller with DHL and a Business Analyst with Argos. It was then that I decided to take a break from my career to raise a family.

During this time, I still craved busy and productive days. I set up a creative practice, running workshops and trailblazing some new products, as well as becoming involved in two craft organisations. It wasn’t until recently that I realised I needed to invest in myself and look for a route back into the corporate world.

I thought that potential employers would recognise my varied and impressive career history and jump at the chance of having me on the team, despite having taken a break lasting several years. Unfortunately, this was not the case. I kept asking myself, ‘I have a degree, extensive work experience and the urge to re-establish my career. Why don’t companies want to give me a chance?’ I had a feeling that my structured business past would be overlooked by what I’d been doing since leaving the corporate world, but I was determined to make it work.

A friend recommended Women Returners who helped me rewrite my CV, which then led me to Sarah Parkinson from FDM’s Getting Back to Business programme. I was instantly amazed at the positivity I received from Sarah. She explained the tailored FDM courses, the clients they work with and the potential careers that I could be exposed to in just a few months’ time.

My main worry about getting my foot back in the door was the change that I would have to take on. I was worried that employers wouldn’t see beyond my career gap. FDM trainers helped resolved that issue by advising on CV writing and how to prepare for interviews.

The thing that surprised me the most about being back in the corporate world is how much I second-guessed myself about being back in employment. I came into the Academy trying to be brave, and once setting off on FDM’s course, I quickly started to feel comfortable in my surroundings.

Everyone in my Getting Back to Business course came from a similar background, whether they’d taken a few years off to have children, or wanted to get back into a line of work that had changed since they were last in that field. Since joining FDM, I’ve spoken to and influenced others to look into the FDM business model and to have the courage to get back into the world of work.

If you have taken a career break and are looking to re-enter the workforce then apply to our Getting Back to Business programme today.


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