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June 17, 2014 Education Investor

As published by Education Investor, 17th June 2014. IT and training firm FDM Group has listed on the London Stock Exchange with a market capitalisation of £308.5 million. The business, formerly owned by Inflexion Private Equity, offers graduate training for corporates, as well as IT consultancy services and retraining programmes for returning soldiers. Inflexion bought a […]

April 16, 2012 Marta

Coming from business/financial background I knew the only stream I could follow in FDM Academy was Project Management

June 16, 2011 Finola

An update to this post and information about FDM Group in Ireland was written in March, 2016 Here at FDM Group we have Consultants placed around the world! From California to Hong Kong to Australia, it’s been a long time since FDM Group was just a European company. Back in 2011 we began placing Consultants […]