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Changing Expectations of Digital Procurement in the Public Sector

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As FDM’s Head of Project Management, Tom Watson has extensive experience working within the Public Sector and gives insight into the key challenges he sees public sector organisations facing in 2017, as well as possible solutions FDM can offer for IT decision makers across the sector.

In my experience working with the public sector, specifically the Ministry of Defence, there has been an increasing trend towards the contractor market to plug resourcing gaps due to the lack of digital skills in the sector. The public sector is attempting to embrace digital change and the benefits that can be driven through shifts in technology. However, to truly embrace change, the public sector has to look further than just developments in technology and embrace the people and process change that will enable the effective delivery of these services.

With the sheer amount of change incoming to the UK in 2017, this trend is only set to continue with the transformation that public sector services will have to make to accommodate this shift.

FDM is uniquely placed to answer and provide an efficient and sustainable middle ground, replacing the knee jerk reaction that seems to occur when public sector organisation cannot resource to its skill gaps.

In order to cope with the upcoming changes, it is key for all organisations to consider some of the following areas:

  • Engendering flexibility – Working in the public sector is a tumultuous environment, where projects can ramp up and down at relatively short notice. Working closely with a partner such as FDM who has both the capacity and the close understanding of these variations in demand is surely a pathway to success. FDM Consultants commit to working for its clients for a period of two years, allowing the relevant public sector agencies to have a flexible pool of resource they can draw from should demand change at the last minute.
  • Building capability internally – As mentioned, one of the key risks that the public sector has to contend with is that it will invest such a great deal of time and money engaging contractors, simply to lose this investment when they move elsewhere. FDM’s unique value enables its clients to offer our Consultants permanent contracts at the end of their two year commitment to FDM. This may help the public sector build a digital capability that it can internalise after a given period.
  • Challenging culture –To be successful in the future economy organisations can benefit from the wide diversity in the 2017 workforce. Bringing more diversity to the discussion can only profligate a more rounded outcome. FDM has been a driver of diversity both within our internal organisation and creating diversity within our clients’ teams.

There is potential for 2017 to be a transformative year within the Public Sector digital space and FDM looks forward to continuing to bring cost effective, innovative solutions to these challenges.

Featured image credit: Photo by Luke Chesser on Unsplash 

Updated 2 February, 2017

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