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Community Vs. individualism: Join the Social Media Week in Hamburg

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CLOSER: Community Vs. individualism: Join the Social Media Week in Hamburg #SMWHH February 28 - March 02

  • 50% of teens admit to be smartphone addicted
  • Social platforms have dramatized ideological discrepancies
  • By 2020, 80% of consumer interactions will take place without a human being

The rapid development of technical progress is one of the most discussed topics of our society. When we look back at the first Global Social Media Week in February 2009 in New York, the world was even simpler. Far from billions of Facebook users, Snapchat, Instagram, algorithms, VR, AR or artificial intelligence. In 2018 we are at a turning point. We face the increasingly personalized consumer landscape.

To answer questions such as "How can we ensure that these technologies do not threaten to dehumanize our interactions and bring us closer together?" the #SMWHH will be held on February 28th through March 2nd. In addition to Hamburg, there will be more than 25 other conferences around the world to find ways to create more responsible, innovative companies and better communities in the future.

The 7th Social Media Week Hamburg draws attention to the strong conflict between communities and individualism with the slogan "Closer" - the pursuit of individualism and the desire for the formation of communities in private and working life under the influence of algorithms and artificial intelligence.

The prelude will be on February 27 at 18:30 “Leadership 2.0 - How women shape the digitization” hosted by She's Mercedes. Also the other speakers advertise with exciting titles. How does the YouTube algorithm work, for example? Between cat videos and artificial intelligence or "#glitters - strategy meets hype // The whole story of the RITTER SPORT unicorn".

Featured image credit: Photo by Prateek Katyal on Unsplash 

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