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The Pearl of the Orient to 42 Wallaby Way: A Consultant’s Journey from HK to Australia

Map of Australia.

As FDM expand into Australia we will be following Janice, from her training in Hong Kong to her placement in Sydney. In this three part blog series Janice will give us an insight into her exciting career journey.

I'm Janice, a Java Developer from Hong Kong who is soon to be relocating to Australia to start an exciting new placement at ANZ.

So where do I begin..? Well, I am a local girl from Hong Kong who studied Information Systems at City University of Hong Kong. I came to FDM to kick-start my IT career and was instantly impressed with their business model as well as the values of FDM. The training was rewarding and I have learnt a variety of skills ranging from professional skills to the Spring Framework. Although I found some parts of the training challenging, I thoroughly enjoyed every step of the learning process, with the help of the Trainers and my lovely course mates.

One day, my Account Manager, Joe, approached me and said; “there is a fantastic opportunity at ANZ in Australia”. He wanted to know if I was interested in relocating to Sydney. Although it came as a big surprise it was something that I immediately said yes to as I’ve always wanted to go to Australia!

Not long after this initial conversation I was having a telephone interview with the client. The interviewer asked me some common interview questions, as well as to present my final year university project. The interview was made more difficult as I was unable to gauge my audience’s facial expressions or body language. I am now successfully placed with ANZ as a Solution Architect. Yippee!

“It’s not every day that an opportunity to move to another part of the world to work arises; so to this end, I am very lucky!”

Whilst I was waiting for my visa to be approved, FDM have been supportive and have made sure that I am well equipped for my new role. I have undertaken additional training in PRINCE2 and accessed further resources from FDM’s e-learning platform Pluralsight. I am also being sponsored to join HK’s largest Enterprise Architecture seminar to get a glimpse of how architects work in major organisations.

Nothing should be taken for granted. I would like to take this opportunity to thank FDM for the training and the opportunities they have given me. Relocating to a new country is a really new experience to me but I believe my move will be a positive and exciting journey. I will be arriving in Sydney soon; to the place I’ll call home for the foreseeable future and I look forward to sharing this next chapter of my professional and personal life with you all. Stay tuned!

If you are interested in joining our award winning programme and being placed in Australia then please contact Joe.

Featured image credit: Photo by Joey Csunyo on Unsplash 

Updated 20 February, 2017

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