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Creating a Virtual Agile Learning Environment

Interested in learning more about recent developments in FDM’s training and the exciting projects in which our Canadian consultants are involved? Read on to find out more.

If you step into any one of FDM’s virtual project classrooms, you will see a cross-functional team at work. Consultants in FDM’s training streams such as Business Analysis/Project Management (BA/PM), Java Development, DevOps and Quality Engineering complete their training by participating in a final multi-class, hands-on project. This helps them to gain experience working on projects in an agile environment.

Project Agora, an online question and answer forum for FDM staff, is the most recent of many projects that were conducted using an agile process. A training class specialising in Business Analysis and Project Management gathered preliminary requirements from FDM stakeholders before transforming their catalogue into a living Product Backlog. The team then joined forces with a Java class and upskilled in scrum methodologies in order to run sprint planning meetings, daily scrums, reviews and retrospectives and taking on roles such as Scrum Master, Product Owner and Software Developer. After four sprints, they had a polished front-end and a thoroughly debugged back-end, multiple touchpoints with end-users and were almost ready for their first release.

The team did run into some challenges along the way. Aligning schedules between different training streams and team members leaving and joining the project due to client placements were some of the real-world situations that the team had to overcome.

These projects were essential in helping consultants gain a competitive edge in their professional advancement and be ready to seamlessly integrate into our clients’ teams when placed on-site. Krishnan Moni based in Toronto shared his experience working on Project Agora.

“It was an outstanding experience to take on the role of Scrum Master in Project Agora. It helped me use knowledge from APM, BA and PSO courses I took during my FDM BA/PM training. What I learned in theory made much more sense when I put it into practice on a live project. It was a continuous learning process as we worked through the various sprints. This role has given me exposure to Project Management in a real life scenario, which I believe will give me an upper hand during future client interviews.”

Arezoo Rezaei, a Software Developer for Project Agora based in Toronto, explained what stood out for her during her experience:

“I started working on Project Agora as a Developer at the end of my Java training. I never expected to be working in such a professional environment, while producing this web application. Our trainers not only guided us during the whole project by providing valuable feedback, they also gave us a lot of independence in making decisions and balancing the synergy between the Development and the BA teams. I believe that working on this amazing project has equipped me with the essential skills that I need to excel in my future roles as a Software Developer.”

FDM’s new approach to implementing agile methodologies is still evolving. With a focus on first-hand experience and a commitment to continuous improvement, further exciting projects are underway.   

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