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Case Studies

Case Studies

Services provided: Getting Back to Business Consultants

Having discovered that their internal technology organisation was lacking mid-level female professionals, Bank of America Merrill Lynch (BAML) sought to ascertain ways to improve these demographics. An issue identified was that many women found the competitive job market made it increasingly challenging to re-enter the workforce, as candidates whose CVs reflected gaps in their professional careers were typically overlooked.

FDM partnered with BAML and The Women’s Foundation to help them launch an initiative designed to better identify, assist and reskill these individuals seeking to return to work. BAML chose FDM as a partner for this initiative due to our existing relationship and the comprehensiveness of FDM’s recruitment and selection process. FDM recruited and pre-selected talented candidates who matched the eligibility requirements of BAML. Unique interview criteria were set and FDM and BAML hiring managers then co-hosted rotation-style interview sessions structured around transferable skills, careers aspirations, previous experiences and situational questions. 10 of these candidates were shortlisted to participate in FDM’s Getting Back to Business Program, with training tailored to BAML’s technical requirements.

This group of FDM Returners to Work completed their training and were successfully placed at BAML across a number of business specialities, in areas including Production Support, Business Continuity, Market Data Engineering, Portfolio Change, and more. The feedback from the line managers for these individuals has been outstanding and all were offered permanent positions with the client following the completion of their two-year bond. For these individuals, the FDM Getting Back to Business Program provided them with an opportunity to update their skillsets and successfully transition back into the corporate workplace with the potential for lucrative career progression.

Services provided: Risk, Regulation and Compliance Analysts

HSBC needed to quickly assemble a team with appropriate banking knowledge and technical skillsets to respond to a number of enforced regulations. FDM sourced and trained suitable candidates and the team was on boarded in three phases over the course of seven months. This approach allowed for knowledge transfer and delegation of time from the HSBC line managers to train new consultants.

FDM consultants are responsible for working closely with HSBC’s internal audit team as well as an external regulator to ensure the bank is fully compliant and up to date on regulations. As a result, the entirety of HSBC’s client base has been refactored and cleansed of mistakes or missing entries, making their data much more accurate – a necessary action in today’s compliant banking environment.

Services provided: Services provided: Digital User Experience

FDM’s client, quick to recognise the importance of User Experience (UX) as a cornerstone for its digital strategy, was keen to engage a leader in the field who could provide consultancy, establish processes and help grow its internal UX and Business Readiness Testing (BRT) capability. Key drivers for success were increasing adoption rates through enhanced customer satisfaction, innovation and inclusive/accessible applications whilst reducing channel costs by shifting transactions from expensive offline to digital channels.

Implementing expertise in the areas of UX Testing and BRT, FDM helped the client devise and implement the processes needed to deliver on the strategic aims. FDM drew on its global talent pool to identify technical experts with UX Testing and BRT experience for senior roles with the client, while also training graduates for junior roles within the Test Teams.

A team of 15 graduate FDM UX Testers and three senior FDM UX Test Managers were deployed on-site to work as part of the client’s existing Test function. FDM provided consultancy and guidance to the client’s existing test teams in UX Testing and BRT in order to help establish a sustainable, long-term capability for the client. A total of 48 FDM consultants now contribute to the function. The FDM team is successfully supporting the roll out of the client’s premier mobile / online applications to its geographically and culturally diverse customer base by delivering a high quality and seamless user experience.