Providing Project Support and Project Management Consultant Services

Having the right people in place to manage projects, both large and small, is crucial to make sure deadlines are met and the budget is kept under control.

FDM’s Project Management Office Program provides consultants who can deliver against key criteria to drive change and secure tangible benefits for your organisation. Our consultants are trained in both Agile and Waterfall methodologies and balance the different approaches to fit in with your company environment.

We deploy Project Support professionals as well as full Project Management Office teams to work on various large-scale projects across multiple sectors including developing how biometric data can be used for public sector organisations, to running digital transformation projects for an airline. The latter has involved overseeing the introduction of new technologies to make the customer journey through the airport smoother, changing the way baggage is handled and managing the weight distribution of cargo on flights.

Project Managers you can depend on

Throughout training, our Project Management Office consultants acquire a variety of skills and knowledge. This includes a comprehensive understanding of the project life cycle and practical elements of a project, the ability to define a PMO charter and individually provide governance processes and the expertise to ensure effort and resources are effectively shared across the portfolio.

We also provide Project Support Officers who are fully qualified to autonomously oversee stakeholders, resources and suppliers as well as manage risk and plan and track project progress.

In addition to our Graduate Program, we also offer an Advanced Project Management Program specifically designed for experienced Project Managers from our Getting Back to Business and Ex-Forces pathways. This will allow you to benefit from their extensive life experience, leadership and communication skills.

“Cassie joined the project teams in the middle of the project phase and was unfamiliar with the project background. Her contribution has been to improve the communication amongst the project team. Her involvement has helped reduce the workload of some key project team members which helps me to make the project a success. I have received appreciation for Cassie from managers and management level employees.”

Vice President, Allianz