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Case Studies

Case Studies

Services provided: FATCA Analysts

RBC faced a time-sensitive requirement to check all previously opened accounts for identification and classification of account holders into one of 37 categories under the Foreign Accounts Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) regulations. In order to support their FATCA compliance project, FDM consulted with RBC to define their knowledge requirements and identify the consultant profiles desired.

FDM modified the standard Risk, Regulation and Compliance program to build-out very detailed training on FATCA regulations and the related tax documentation in line with RBC’s project requirements.

This enabled RBC to onboard seven FDM consultants into their initial FATCA Validation & Operations team and has since requested similarly trained consultants from FDM. To date, FDM has now supplied 40+ consultants within tax ops roles at RBC.

Services provided: Risk, Regulation and Compliance Analysts

HSBC needed to quickly assemble a team with appropriate banking knowledge and technical skill sets to respond to a number of enforced regulations. FDM sourced and trained suitable candidates and the team was onboarded in three phases over the course of seven months. This approach allowed for knowledge transfer and delegation of time from the HSBC line managers to train new consultants.

These consultants are responsible for working closely with HSBC’s internal audit team as well as an external regulator to ensure the bank is fully compliant and up to date on regulations. As a result, the entirety of HSBC’s client base has been refactored and cleansed of mistakes or missing entries, making the data much more accurate – a necessary action in today’s compliant banking environment.

Services provided: Tailored training and services in client-specific systems

NexJ Systems had a growing need for resources and wanted to optimize the onboarding process while maintaining high-quality recruits with the desired personality, technical competency and understanding of object-oriented programming. A specialized internal system also made it necessary for all recruited candidates to be trained on the NexJ premises.

Through a strategic partnership with NexJ Systems, FDM sourced and recruited talented young graduates who then went through an additional screening process with NexJ. Successful candidates were selected to complete their last month of FDM training on the NexJ site, learning the client’s specific systems. By combining the FDM and NexJ training programs, we were able to provide the client access to more resources while minimizing onboarding training periods.

Services provided: Software Development

Citigroup needed to re-engineer its Global Prime Finance technology platform. Part of the strategic review involved replacing the existing International Stock Record System and migrating all the data into a new and improved system. FDM was chosen for this project, tasked with delivering successful results within strict timescales.

Three experienced FDM Technical Team Leaders were assigned to the project, as well as a number of Java and .NET Developers. In order to retire the existing system, these teams worked on developing a new platform and several interfaces, as well as the inquiry and reporting functionality.

FDM supplied three teams that were integrated with Citigroup’s technical and business employees as one seamless overall project solution. The blended mix of skills brought in by FDM consultants led to a skills-transfer from the more senior consultants to all project team members, delivering long-term benefits as well as keeping costs down.

Services provided: Software Development, Testing, IT Service Management, Business Analysis, Project Support, Data Services

The UK’s Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) had an over-reliance on system integrators and sought to bring in a new generation of tech talent within the organization. Having successfully worked through the UK government’s main framework for SME’s ‘the GCloud’ over the previous three years, FDM was selected by DWP to provide a solution.

FDM consultants are currently working across key programs such as Universal Credit, Customer Information System, Working Age and Child Maintenance and the Pension and Disability Service. FDM’s commitment to diversity enabled us to provide DWP with candidates of a range of backgrounds, experience and gender.