Technical excellence in today’s most in-demand disciplines

Technical Services

Technical Services

FDM’s technical consultants work within our clients’ IT teams supporting complex projects and developing solutions to business problems. Our consultants are trained to the highest standards and work across the full software development lifecycle (SDLC) including design, development, testing, analysis, maintenance and ongoing support.

Our people combine technical excellence with strong interpersonal skills. Our training prepares consultants to work in and support some of the most demanding and challenging technical environments.

Our diverse talent pools, combined with the ability to transfer FDM consultants to permanent in-house resource, means our clients can benefit from range of experiences and technical skills in the creation of their own balanced teams.

Our software developers are equipped with a strong level of technical knowledge paired with excellent interpersonal skills, able to deliver solutions in complex IT environments.

They are trained in a range of programming languages including Java SE and EE, C#, C++ and COBOL and are exposed to a variety of frameworks such as Spring

“Sasvathan and Sasitha are good Java developers with lots of potential. When assigned work, they always raise good questions to clarify requirements and are always looking to build high-quality code. Both have represented FDM well. They are motivated, stay late to complete tasks, test their code thoroughly, and deliver robust solutions to Production for consumers. FDM is now our vendor of choice for onsite Java developers.”

Associate Director, RBC Canada

Our software test analysts assist clients in the identification and prevention of defects throughout the design and development of critical business systems and applications.

Consultants are trained in test design and execution from both a manual and automated perspective, with the aim of reducing risk and improving both the quality and performance of IT systems.

“Voice biometrics is a difficult system to work with, given that you have to provide dynamic audio while navigating contact centre apps and test tools; Jamie has risen to this challenge where I have seen more senior testers struggle.”

Senior Test Manager, Barclays Wealth

Business intelligence developers work with our clients on projects and business change programs. Their training covers data modelling, data warehousing, Microsoft SQL Management Studio, SSIS, SSAS, SSRS and Power BI and other mainstream BI Platforms.

“Ruth is detailed in her analysis, persistent in obtaining information, clearly presents the problem and the potential solutions and interacts well with all stakeholders. All of this has led to a successful delivery of a number of milestones in the project.”

Head of Business Intelligence, BNP Paribas

Big Data Developers are capable of manipulating complex structured and unstructured big data sets and generating meaningful information, insight and analysis. Our consultants are trained in UNIX, Web Apps and Java before specializing in Big Data Development. The training covers importing, mapping, reducing, querying and analysis of large data sets both in memory and in batches, primarily using the Hadoop framework. Within the Hadoop framework, consultants will be exposed to Apache’s Hive, Pig and Spark projects.

In addition, our Big Data Development consultants cover R programming and data visualization concepts to enhance their big data statistical analysis capabilities. Consultants undertake a final project, which involves using their training to provide insight and analysis from a real world scenario.

FDM’s FATCA analysts are trained in law and regulations specific to the US and Canada. They are familiar with tax operations, KYC and due diligence, foreign bank and financial accounts, accounting fundamentals and more.

“Aron is a valued, enthusiastic and accountable team member supporting the FATCA project. He is critical to the success of many key projects and has become a central team member”.

Head of Regulatory Change Programs, UBS SmartWealth

FDM’s IT Service Management consultants are focused on the support of our clients’ live systems and applications, ensuring that the users of those applications receive the best service they can.

Our consultants are ITIL-trained and familiar with all aspects of IT Service Management. They understand the operation of service desks as well as other areas of ITSM, and their technical competencies include SQL and UNIX.

“Mustafa joined the team in January 2016 and has been managing the Operations Acceptance Testing (OAT) for a high risk application called iMATCH. He successfully learned the processes and applications while developing key communication skills to play a pivotal role in the company in a short period of time. Mustafa has excellent interpersonal skills, consistently meets strict deadlines and makes significant contributions to the operations support team in RBC.”

Application Support Manager, RBC, CA

FDM’s Salesforce analysts are able to assist clients with both the application and implementation of Salesforce and business change projects.

As 201 certified administrators, consultants are able to implement changes and leverage the advanced administration capabilities of Salesforce, optimizing and extending sales cloud and service cloud apps and design advanced reports, dashboards and business-process automation.

“As a Salesforce Analyst, I’m responsible for resolving incidents as well as analyzing and performing changes to the system to make it more efficient and useful for the stakeholders. Furthermore, I have gained useful experience by working with marketing cloud and API management software solutions which has enriched my IT skills. It is an exciting career and I can’t wait to see where it will take me next.”

FDM Salesforce Analyst, placed at M&G Investments

FDM understands the responsibility of protecting client data and platforms, as well as the risks associated with an organization’s supply chain.

Our information security analysts identify threats and vulnerabilities to client data and remediate process/data/system risks associated with achieving compliance of significant regulatory requirements such as GDPR. Focusing on operational security and working within a Security Operations Centre (SOC) environment, our consultants are fully trained in cyber-attack methodologies and countermeasures and cover security standards in depth such as NIST, Cyber Essentials and ISO:27001.

“Both Josh and Anthony provided a level of data integration and analysis that had not been performed here before. The information security leadership team and application/business owners, who have received reports from their work, have been extremely pleased. These gentlemen are smart, inquisitive and professional beyond their years.”

Information Security Manager, Fannie Mae

The Murex and FDM partnership assists capital markets by providing clients with specialist MX.3 production support across all asset classes for investment banks, wealth management companies
and insurance, utility and energy providers.

Our Murex analysts are equipped with first-line support knowledge and capabilities, together with a best practice approach to the common configuration issues faced within the front to back office use of the MX.3 application.

The training covers both the functional and technical perspective of a Murex environment and the trade lifecycle from booking to settlement and delivery.

“FDM’s Murex consultants are confident in promoting successful trade management processes. The training they receive is of a very high standard and FDM exemplifies the commitment and consistent hard work required to excel in providing client services. Partnering with FDM has been an excellent move for Murex. Their reputation in the market and their track record of success speaks for itself, so we’re delighted to be working together to support MX.3 product environments.”