Tailored Services

Tailored Services

Building a customised partnership

At FDM, we work in partnership with our clients to really understand their organisational challenges and objectives. We know the vast and complex technical landscape that businesses operate in varies enormously, which is why FDM’s model has been designed to be as flexible and agile as possible.

Our tailored services provide clients with the specific skills they need, outside of our traditional business and technical service offerings. We can train people in specialised technologies, platforms or working methodologies to suit their organisational objectives. In addition to service specific training, we can also tailor our recruitment processes to help our clients find people with certain skills, such as a second language, or from a minority background to help boost their internal diversity programmes. We always ensure that during the recruitment process, candidates are assessed based on our client’s values to ensure a great cultural fit.

How it works

Our tailored training is a collaborative engagement with clients and this allows us to build an end-to-end customised solution. Our approach is all about understanding our clients and their working environment, from the different types of technologies used to identifying the types of delivery methodologies consultants will work in such as Agile or SaFE.

We conduct in-depth skills workshops where we establish the core technologies and methodologies required, followed by a gap analysis to determine the level of tailoring that is needed.

Identifying the right individuals for the role is key, and we do this through a highly targeted recruitment and selection process before any candidate is accepted onto one of our talent programmes. Our clients have the opportunity to meet prevetted applicants if they wish prior to them starting their customised training.

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