About the Programme/Program

What is a technology or business consultant?  

An FDM Consultant works in partnership with an FDM client on specific projects, either as part of an outsourced team or to supplement an existing one. Consultants will be selected by specific clients for a contracted amount of time to plan and develop business or technology systems as well as provide expert advice related to their specialty. Consultancy is often seen as a flexible career, as projects consultants are assigned to can differ in duration from a few months to multiple years. This can lead to opportunities to travel and a variety of exciting assignments across a range of industries.  

 What is the FDM Graduate Careers Program?

The FDM Graduate Program consists of foundation training followed by an individual learning pathway, during which trainees will gain the skills required to become an FDM Consultant and prepare them for their placement on-site with one of our clients. We have training academies across APAC, Europe and North America, where we will provide you with fast-tracked skills development to launch your career with FDM in technology and business. Upon completion of your training, you will be placed with one of our clients and you will work alongside the client’s teams to provide services. The duration of the FDM Graduate Program is two years from the date of your first client placement and, as such, you will work with one or more of our clients for at least two years.  

Is it essential for me to have an IT degree?

We welcome candidates from a range of academic backgrounds including Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). We also accept applications from non-STEM graduates who can demonstrate a passion for working in the tech industry, particularly for our business pathways.

What support will I be getting during the Program?

Throughout your journey with FDM, you will receive continuous mentoring, coaching and guidance from our internal teams and take part in various support and development initiatives. These include: 

Consultant Experience: Our Consultant Experience Team works to ensure that our consultants are supported throughout their client placement. The support provided covers the five pillars of our People strategy: Growing, Aspiring, Thriving, InTouch and Community which have been developed to assist FDM consultants reach their full potential by providing them with relevant resources, training and support. We also host a variety of virtual events each month to connect with our people and ensure they feel part of the FDM community especially when they are on a client placement. These events include learning and development webinars, D&I and wellbeing classes and social networking events.   

Mentoring Program: The Mentoring Program matches consultants with senior employees across the business based on their career aspirations. The initiative is designed to help our employees unlock their full potential and to provide support for long-term career development. The program is online, allowing matches to be made throughout our global organisation. 

Consultant Collaboration Platform (Yammer): FDM utilises Yammer to provide FDM employees with a virtual platform to connect and socialise with each other. Here consultants will find useful policies and resources as well as join a variety of groups to keep up to date with upcoming events, learning and development opportunities and more. 

Employee Networks: FDM has six employee-led networks which focus on providing our staff with opportunities to enhance their career development and personal growth through supportive communities, open discussions and learning initiatives. Click here to find out more about each network. 

Online Learning and Development: Virtual training, webinars and discussions are available to all FDM consultants, as well as e-learning platforms including LinkedIn Learning and Intuition Know-How. 

When do I start getting paid?

When you join our New Zealand Graduate Program, you will become a full time paid employee of FDM and you will be paid on an ongoing basis along with receiving certain employee entitlements that will be set out in a contract of employment. 

Assessment and Interviews

What if I already have IT accreditations or qualifications that FDM offers?

Any previous experience, qualification or accreditation will help you in your journey with FDM and beyond. However, all candidates, regardless of their previous qualifications or experience, are required to successfully complete the FDM training to ensure that they meet the standards that our clients expect from FDM Consultants.  

What does an FDM Assessment Day involve?

FDM’s Assessment Day enables us to find out more about your attitude, skills and motivations for becoming a successful technology or business consultant, as well as your potential to thrive during training and represent us on prestigious client sites. It is also an opportunity for you to find out more about FDM’s culture and to ensure thatif you are successful, FDM is the right choice for you. 

The day involves an FDM Introduction presentation and three strength-based interviews with FDM Managers from various departments within the business. You will also be asked to complete an IT aptitude test. 


Where will I train?

Training takes place at one of FDM’s Academies in Sydney, Singapore, Hong Kong or Shanghai. Due to COVID-19, training is currently being delivered through our online classrooms. Read more about our COVID-19 preparations here. 

What happens after I complete my training?

Upon successful completion of your training, you will have the opportunity to work directly with FDM’s clients. Your first day on client site marks the beginning of your two-year journey as an FDM Consultant but do keep in mind that you could end up working with more than one of our clients over this two-year period. 

Will I have to pay for my training?

The cost of training that you incur is dependent on the training modules that you complete (a table of training costs for each training module is set out in the employment contract). You can decide to pay your training fees upfront or you can defer payment of the training fees until your employment ends with FDM. One of the unique things about working at FDM is that we will completely waive the cost of your training if you complete the duration of the Graduate Program. However, if your employment ends before the completion of the Graduate Program due to your resignation or termination for cause, the training fees are required to be paid to FDM.

What training will I receive?

Your background, experience and performance at the Assessment Day will determine which training stream you are best suited for. To learn more, you can read about the training and opportunities here or contact our Recruitment Team for a full course breakdown.  

Is there a cooling off period?

The duration of the Graduate Program is two years from the date of your first client placement. We understand that this two-year commitment requires careful consideration and this is why we have a 14-day introductory period that begins on your first day of training. During this 14-day period, you can leave the program if you decide that it is not the right fit for you and you will not incur any training fees. 

Post training/On client site 

What companies will I be working with?

FDM works with prestigious clients in variety of industries including Finance, Insurance and the Public Sector. Our Account Managers will work to evaluate roles with our clients that will best align with your skills and help you thrive in your career journey. You may end up working with the same client throughout your two-year commitment, or you may be placed on various client sites during that time. 

What type of projects will I be working on as a full-time consultant?

The projects that you will be involved in will depend on the program you undertake and the client that you are placed with. To learn more, watch the career stories of other consultants who have completed your program or contact our Recruitment Team.

Is there a guarantee that I will get a job once I complete the training?

There is never a 100% guarantee, but we will not offer you a role on the program unless we feel confident that you have the potential to be placed with one of our clients. Your interviews with clients begin while you are still in training, with the aim to have your client placement lined up before completion of training or just shortly after. 

After the two-year commitment:  

What happens at the end of the two years?

After the two-year commitment, FDM consultants typically have three options: 

  1. Remain with FDM as a senior consultant with the opportunity to work directly with our clients. Senior FDM consultants can also be considered for internal roles within the business.   
  1. Secure a full-time position with FDM’s client. 
  1. Walk away to pursue high education, self-interests, or other employment opportunities.  

Regardless of the path you take, all former FDM consultants are invited to be a part of FDM’s Alumni Network where they will have the opportunity to further advance their careers by building relationships with other experienced tech professionals, as well as connecting with thousands of other people who are just starting their career through the program. 

Please contact enquiriesnz@fdmgroup.com with any additional questions and one of our Recruiters will respond to your enquiry shortly.