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Powering gender equality within the workplace

Inspiring the female leaders of tomorrow

Preparing and supporting graduates for success

Our 50:50 vision for the tech world

Across the world, STEM jobs are disproportionately
held by males.

The problem? A wide pool of untapped female talent.

The solution? Our She Lives Tech initiative: Inspiring female graduates of all backgrounds to build successful tech and business careers.

Many women still find it very challenging to break into the technology industry, which is why FDM is committed to providing the support, resources and training to enable female candidates to thrive.

Sheila Flavell CBE

Chief Operating Officer

The She Lives Tech Academy

Empowering females to enter tech with confidence and pride

Just graduated? No tech experience?

The She Lives Tech Academy runs a female-focused graduate program called Project Grace, uniquely offering support events, networking opportunities, and personal development workshops designed specifically for women.

Stay one step ahead with our:

Expert training


All-female group
of like-minded individuals

What’s Project Grace?

FDM’s Project Grace is a Graduate Program designed to empower women for success in their tech careers.

Named after pioneering female American computer scientist Grace Hopper, this program opens the door to an exciting world of unlimited potential that promises great rewards both personally and professionally.

Our Talented Consultants

I was interested in FDM because of their connections with major banks in Australia and other global consultancy firms. I felt that I could really accelerate my career with them. While originally based in Melbourne prior to FDM, I re-located to Sydney and am now working at one of the Big 4 banks of Australia. Even though my placement required me to move from home, it has been a great learning experience.

Samantha Looi, Graduate

Business Intelligence

I joined FDM because they have great opportunities for career growth, especially their training. They are also all about diversity and inclusion, which was very appealing to me.  

Not only do I owe FDM my actual position, but they have always made me feel supported. They reach out to you regularly to give support on your career journey and during your placement. On top of that there are many social events in which you are able to network and connect with colleagues that are working with different clients of theirs as well as meet new FDMers that have just joined.

Teresa Martinez, Graudate

Data Engineering

Job Opportunities

At FDM, your personal growth and development is important to us. Our training programs can equip you with all the industry-leading skills you need to be job ready in 8-14 weeks.

Software Developer

Software development has been called the world’s most in-demand profession, promising a challenging, stimulating and rewarding career for creative, analytical problem-solvers. Your highly sought-after skill set, and experience will open up exciting career progression opportunities such as:

  • Applications Developer
  • Games Developer
  • Web Developer
  • Systems Developer
  • Cloud Engineer
  • Lead Developer
  • Technical Architect

Business Intelligence Analyst

LinkedIn reports that data analysis is one of APAC’s top 3 fastest-growing job categories. This is an opportunity to leverage your skills toward a tech career with unlimited growth potential in roles such as:

  • Business Analyst
  • BI Developer
  • BI Analyst
  • BI Business Analyst
  • BI Engineer
  • ETL Developer
  • Data Analyst

Technical Analyst

This role is extremely varied and provides the perfect opportunity for anyone who is keen to embrace their technical side. FDM’s Program provides you with a versatile skill set which can open the door to numerous exciting career progression opportunities such as:

  • Technical Analyst
  • Senior Technical Analyst
  • Department Lead
  • Chief Technology Officer

Not ready to apply? Let’s stay in touch

Discover more about the She Lives Tech Community and the Project Grace Graduate Program.

The FDM Trainers

Suellen Steward


Carolina Portugal

Professional Skills

Hajra Ghafoor

Business Intelligence

Manisha Singh

Testing / Cloud

Full Support
No Bias

Insightful Tech Events

We host and support female-led consultant events and conferences, offering you inspiration and guidance throughout your professional journey.

Confidence Boosting

Our Consultant Support Team run regular in-house workshops and events to enhance your skill set.

Inclusivity, Equality, and Diversity

Our Elevate Network celebrates gender diversity, provides a community for discussion and support, and fosters an empathetic culture.

Inspiring Conversations

We run regular sessions with women from across the business and beyond, so that you can hear their stories, learn about their challenges, and ask any questions you may have.

Partnerships and Awards

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