Managing and protecting the lifeblood of your organisation

FDM understands the responsibility of protecting client data and platforms, as well as the risks associated with an organisation’s supply chain.

Our information security analysts identify threats and vulnerabilities to client data and remediate process/data/system risks associated with achieving compliance of significant regulatory requirements such as GDPR. Focusing on operational security and working within a Security Operations Center (SOC) environment, our consultants are fully trained in cyber-attack methodologies and countermeasures and cover security standards in depth such as NIST, Cyber Essentials and ISO:27001.

“Both Josh and Anthony provided a level of data integration and analysis that had not been performed here before. The information security leadership team and application/business owners, who have received reports from their work, have been extremely pleased. These gentlemen are smart, inquisitive and professional beyond their years.”

Information Security Manager, Fannie Mae