Data Engineering Consultant Services

Designing and implementing data-centric solutions for your organization

FDM’s Data Engineering consultants play important roles in our clients’ teams by designing and implementing data-centric scalable solutions. They are involved in data ingestion and data flow pipelines, conducting data analysis and managing data lakes. They are experts in distributed data storage and computing frameworks, running on clusters with multiple nodes.

All Data Engineering consultants receive training in object-oriented programming allowing them to work across the full Software Development Lifecycle. Working as part of a team or individually, our consultants are also prepared with requirements gathering and project management knowledge to provide full service solutions to meet client requirements.

Our consultants have been involved in creating complex Data Flows between third-party data providers and local data hubs as well as designing data models that provide flexibility to perform analysis on data from unrelated platforms used within an organization. They also receive hands-on experience working with the latest tools including Hadoop, Spark, HiveQL, PigLatin, and SQL to seamlessly integrate into your teams and hit the ground running from day one.

Quick to learn, fast to deploy

FDM’s comprehensive training in Data Engineering provides our consultants with strong foundational knowledge in the most popular tools used in data analytics and ingestion. Once on-site, our consultants can utilize their training to quickly learn our clients’ niche technologies allowing them to become invaluable team members.

Our Data Engineering consultants work in multiple industries including financial services, government, oil and gas and telecommunications. We have deployed individual consultants to augment our clients’ existing teams or teams of consultants comprised of Scrum Masters, Product Owners and Data Engineers to provide full-scale solutions.

Our team of Academy trainers are there every step of the way to ensure the ongoing success of our consultants. Pre-deployment, we can provide our clients with weekly progress reports and check-ins to ensure consultants are prepared to join their specific teams. Post-deployment, our trainers can provide ongoing support including upskilling on our client’s technologies, proactive action and mentorship to ensure continuous improvement and success.