RPA Consultant Services

Reduce costs, drive efficiency, save time: work smarter with Robotic Process Automation

Robotics Process Organization tools are widely adopted by organizations to help them work smarter, saving time on manual tasks, cutting costs and creating huge efficiencies.

FDM’s Robotic Process Automation (RPA) service provides consultants who are trained in a number of RPA tools and their applications and can work across a number of different roles within Automation operations.

We have strategic partnerships with some of the biggest RPA vendors such as UiPath, Automation Anywhere and Pega and work globally across various sectors.

Specialist RPA skills

Our consultants undergo training in both technical and business disciplines including business analysis, coding, excel, web applications, as well as intensive RPA training. This ensures our consultants develop a strong understanding of the business and technical needs of an organization.

We work across the lifecycle of projects including data discovery, analysis, development, user acceptance testing, production, as well as troubleshooting and fixing any issues.

The flexibility of our consultants allows our clients to secure the specialist skill sets they need, even in competitive hiring landscapes.