Salesforce Consultant Services

Supporting our clients with Salesforce implementation

FDM’s Salesforce service prepares our consultants with skills in Salesforce implementation. Our consultants work across the Software Development Lifecycle in roles such as Software Development, Software Testing and Business Analysis to assist with our clients’ Salesforce implementation projects. As each of our clients’ projects is unique, we work directly with the client to build out a customized training curriculum. This could include deploying Salesforce Business Analysts who receive Certified Administrator (201) certifications and training in Business Analysis Fundamentals, Process Modeling, Requirement Engineering, Agile Practices and Risk Management prior to completing a customized Salesforce program. Previous training in this service has included Sales/Service Cloud, Data Modeling, Reports and Dashboards, Security and User Management and Automation.

Our rigorous training allows our consultants to seamlessly integrate into your team and hit the ground running from day one. FDM’s ability to source junior talent for our clients allows us to provide high-calibre individuals with niche skill sets in Salesforce that often come at a high cost on the open market. Following their two-year commitment with FDM, our consultants can internalize with our clients allowing for long-term return on investment.

A highly skilled Salesforce pipeline to meet your unique needs

Our Training and Service Delivery teams have extensive industry experience ensuring our consultants receive the training and individual attention they need to excel in their on-site placements. Clients can choose to select from consultants already in our Academy who will then receive upskilling in Salesforce to allow for more rapid deployment. We can also work directly with the client to recruit and select a group of talented young professionals to take part in a customized Salesforce training curriculum.

Salesforce consultants have been deployed individually to augment our clients’ existing teams or as a group allowing them to provide full-service solutions to our clients’ most complex implementations. Our consultants work with our clients across many industries and key projects have included implementing a mortgage lending application for one of our leading banking clients, working with one of our transportation clients on a train ticket reconciliation system, and deploying new applications in automotive manufacturing.