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Case Studies

Case Studies

Services provided: Software Development, DevOps, Information Security

Undergoing internal changes to IT delivery, the Fannie Mae Software Configuration Management (SCM) group was required to complete a full tool set upgrade, while internalizing the subject matter expertise, after several years of reliance upon a third-party managed team which was split between the client’s site and a remote center.

In partnership with Fannie Mae’s Team Lead, FDM designed a full program that would enable the consultants to fill various job roles and fulfill objectives including: supporting the legacy tool set as the third-party resource was wound down; backfilling the third-party resource with a second wave of consultants; and migrating the tools from legacy to new.

The first 15 consultants deployed took on the responsibility of maintaining the current tool set, while the third party resource was ramped down. The second group of 15 consultants joined as the final third-party resource was finished. This team of consultants immediately took ownership of the new tool set, which enabled the entire group to successfully manage the transition between the legacy stack and tool set with no impact to the production environment.

“It was refreshing to see how FDM invested in junior talent, along with training military veterans. Fannie Mae’s SCM services directly benefited from this investment, and I was very impressed with how FDM worked hand-in-hand to understand our needs and provide resources.”

Manager of DevOps, Fannie Mae

Services provided: Software Development

Citigroup needed to re-engineer its Global Prime Finance technology platform. Part of the strategic review involved replacing the existing International Stock Record System and migrating all the data into a new and improved system. FDM was chosen for this project, tasked with delivering successful results within strict timescales.

Three experienced FDM Technical Team Leaders were assigned to the project, as well as a number of Java and NET Developers. In order to retire the existing system, these teams worked on developing a new platform and several interfaces, as well as the inquiry and reporting functionality. FDM managed three teams that were integrated with Citigroup’s technical and business employees as one seamless overall project solution. The blended mix of skills brought in by FDM consultants led to a skills-transfer from the more senior consultants to all project team members, delivering long-term benefits as well as keeping costs down.

Services provided: Risk, Regulation and Compliance Analysts

HSBC needed to quickly assemble a team with appropriate banking knowledge and technical skillsets to respond to a number of enforced regulations. FDM sourced and trained suitable candidates and the team was on boarded in three phases over the course of seven months. This approach allowed for knowledge transfer and delegation of time from the HSBC line managers to train new consultants.

These consultants are responsible for working closely with HSBC’s internal audit team as well as an external regulator to ensure the bank is fully compliant and up to date on regulations. As a result, the entirety of HSBC’s client base has been refactored and cleansed of mistakes or missing entries, making the data much more accurate – a necessary action in today’s compliant banking environment.

Services provided: Risk, Regulation and Compliance Analysts

FDM worked with BNPP to identify, assess, train and place candidates who were confident making informed decisions, often under pressure, analysing situations with reference to global events or politics and who had a strong desire to forge a career in finance. FDM integrated technological aspects into the training process, teaching candidates how to leverage new technology to improve operational processes. This provided them with the appropriate knowledge from within the finance domain as well as the soft skills to fit into BNPP’s culture.

In 18 months, BNPP onboarded 30 FDM consultants within their Operations department across London and Paris, supporting trade support, risk and PnL, KYC and back office FOREX projects. Following the success of these projects, BNPP has continued to identify additional roles to be filled with FDM consultants.

Services provided: Software Development, Application Support, IT Service Management and Business Analysis

TD Securities emphasized a need to increase core technical competency across the company and was also aiming to build a younger technology workforce that is less reliant on contractors in order to build sustainable teams for the future. Working with the hiring managers in order to understand TD’s needs, FDM was able to find talented local graduates to fill roles across development, support and business analysis.

From an original pilot group of four FDM consultants, TD quickly experienced first-hand the value of FDM’s business model and were very satisfied with the service. More FDM consultants have since been added to teams within TD Securities, which has grown to become one of our largest clients.

Services provided: FATCA Analysts

RBC faced a time-sensitive requirement to check all previously opened accounts for identification and classification of account holders into one of 37 categories under the Foreign Accounts Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) regulations. In order to support their FATCA compliance project, FDM consulted with RBC to define their knowledge requirements and identify the consultant profiles desired. FDM modified the standard RRC program to build-out very detailed training on FATCA regulations and the related tax documentation in line with RBC’s project requirements.

This enabled RBC to onboard seven FDM consultants into their initial FATCA Validation & Operations team and has since requested similarly trained consultants from FDM. To date, FDM has now supplied 35+ consultants within tax ops roles at RBC.

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